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by:Shizhan     2020-09-28

The wide use of scaffold can be so many people so, also have certain advantages, thought it can often do some work can not be completed on the mechanical, we need to rely on the scaffold. We can see in the engineering construction, will see some relatively large machine tools, such as scaffolding is frequent in our engineering using a simple tool that the scaffold is made of the naive steel space structure. Scaffolding installed on the disassembly is very convenient, only need to set only according to the connection and disassembly is simple, steel according to the order will be removed, after deposit scaffold is also more convenient, can be put in ventilated, dry place. Scaffolding used relative to the project in the use of machinery and equipment, it is very economic, scaffolding processing is simple, use cost low, greatly reduce the cost of construction.                                

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