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Scaffolding on loan and the purchase each have advantages and disadvantages, analysis the usage scenario. - Common problems - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform

by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Scaffolding on loan and the purchase each have advantages and disadvantages, actually should choose which method? Key also selected scene picture resolution method scene a score 1, long-term do building construction; 2, project time limit for a very long; 3, capital is abundant; 4, steel price is not too high. Conclusion: since the purchase of scaffolding compare economical scene 2 1, engineering major, short time limit; 2, limited funding; 3, steel price is higher; 4, after the construction and needn't conclusion: lease scaffold compare economical scaffolding rental fee accounting methods to summarize the scaffold leasing unit cost accounting method is one of the most common generally divided into three types: civil engineering classes scaffolding rental civil generally adopt the method of scaffolding of the subcontract, the scaffold materials consistent with the erection of artificial cost loan company contracts ( Commonly known as 'double package') Scaffolding, generally in accordance with the total construction area of accounting unit price per square within the time limit for a project of double pack. Decorate device scaffolding rental decorate scaffolding in accordance with the building is decorated commonly device wall area of accounting scaffolding rental fees. Scaffolding rental scaffolding leasing fee accounting methods: general scaffolding on loan or loan according to the individual ( Each and every tons. Per meter. Each one) Yuan/day of accounting methods. The lease accounting according to the day. ( 1) Scaffolding fee refers to the various construction requirements can happen when the scaffolding construction field, otc data handling; Up and dismantling scaffolding, ramps, feeding platform; The laying of a safety net; The accumulation of after dismantled scaffold materials fees. ( 2) Scaffolding owned and loan two same points, the adoption of different accounting methods. Own scaffolding fee accounting: scaffold ride demolition fee = sales by scaffolding scaffolding stand price + take, open, shipping fee scaffolding rental fee accounting: rental fee = scaffolding set-up period + x build, daily rent, shipping fee scaffolding shipping fee: ( 1) Straight and the content of the shipping fee. ( 2) Straight transport machinery grounded in fixing device, manufacturing, installation fee. ( 3) Walk straight type ship mechanical track laying, demolition, amortization fee. Accounting: (straight delivery costs 1) Scaffolding delivery costs can be in accordance with the building area of accounting for the unit with the ㎡. ( 2) Scaffolding delivery costs can be in accordance with the construction time limit for a project calendar days to days accounting for the unit. The content of the ultrahigh construction add fee includes: ( 1) Build ultra-high caused by artificial efficiency decline and because artificial efficiency decline caused by mechanical drop cost-effectiveness. ( 2) High-rise construction water pressurized water pump device, dismantle and workbench class expense. ( 3) The use of communications equipment and amortization cost. ( 4) When single building eaves height beyond 20 m, multi-storey building content beyond 6 layer, can accounting ultrahigh construction added fees. Super high construction add fee accounting: add construction fee generally in accordance with the high part of the building area of building mineral ㎡ accounting for the unit.
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