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Scaffolding operation, it is very important to foster a sense of security Jiangsu Shizhan scaffolding engineering co. , LTD

by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
Are the scaffolding work safety requirements? 1, the scaffold should be established safe management system. Scaffolds should be set-up, as required by a qualified scaffolder shall use and the work head of acceptance and Georgia. 2, scaffolding set-up tools and materials used, need appropriate safe code requirements. It is forbidden to use distortion, deformation, damage can't wait materials. 3, good scaffold erection personnel need to hang peace with, in many inversion or business scope in the eve of the work, you can use the speed difference control apparatus, cooperate to bring peace to shelter, not be frightened by this trouble, or because of the action to find it hard to do not use the safe belt. 4, scaffolding set-up should order from bottom to top, of each layer of the component to adjacent to consolidate, at the same time the ladder shall be installed on each floor. 5, scaffolding stud to vertical, bar need to parallel and at right angles to the vertical bar set-up. 6, scaffolding poling can take gold at the bottom of the base or pad solid measures such as soil, sweep the floor. 7, scaffolding, the corner, and every six - both ends 7 root poling, always put the strut and shears. More than 8, scaffolding across 7 meters high, vertical every 4 meters, transverse every 7 meters need and building adjacent to consolidate. 9, the need to show where you put the scaffolding must show full, and will tie both ends, can not have clearing idle and probe plate. 10, frame plate in the need to cross the erection, cant use wood cushion flat and reinforcement, in case the tripping accidents. Keywords: scaffold
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