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Scaffolding operation safety basic requirements and technical measures Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shi

by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
A, scaffolding requirements 1, strictly abide by the 'construction fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety technical specifications' ( JGJ130 - 2001). And projects department issued 'down the house door type steel pipe scaffold safety technical disclosure' technology of the requirements of the interval, stem from the erection scheme decision scaffolding. 2, scaffolding set-up, must cooperate with construction schedule an erection height should not exceed the pier face more than 9 m, guarantee the stability in the process of erection. 3, must be strictly controlled in the process of erection of good poling verticality, perpendicularity error must be controlled in 20 - Within the scope of 80 mm. 4, door frame span and spacing shall be determined according to the actual load by design, general spacing should not be greater than 1. 2m。 5, and the scaffold from the wall or other structure edge distance should be less than 0. 5 m, should be set up around the rail. 6, must by ShiGongChu before using the site builder's, safety officer, after ZuoYeDui technology, security officer, head of the joint inspection, just can use. Mandatory provisions 1, level 2, operation process or scaffolding each step should be set up. Top step operation layer shall be put with scaffolding plank, and a reliable connection mode should be adopted and the door frame beam fixed, greater than 200 mm gap should hang AnQuanPing network. 2, the frame of the lateral bracing should be in full foot peripheral and internal every 15 m spacing, bracing width should not be greater than 4 span or spacing, diagonal Angle with the ground should be 45 & deg; ~ 60度; 。 3, and the scaffold erection can adopt the method of step by step a column of each row and build-up, and increases with the increasing a set of scissors tide, horizontal vertical and horizontal reinforcing rod, cast ( Or cable wind rope) And safety protection channel plate component. And scaffold height more than 10 m, lock the door frame should be set up between the arm, support or cable shall be set up outside the wind rope Rachel firmly with the ground. 5, cross support should be set up in each column on both sides of the door frame, and lock pin should be adopted and door frame fastens its stud, during the period of construction shall not be arbitrarily dismantled. 6, homework personnel for aerial work, must be fastened, hang up safety rope; Tighten the cuff, legs, and fasten the collar; Tool must be put into the bag or use the rope tied firmly. 7, the work high above the area personnel must wear a safety rope, wearing non-slip shoes, it is strictly prohibited to barefoot, wear slippers or hard bottom shoes. 8, it is strictly prohibited in the scaffold any throwing items; It is strictly prohibited on the edge of the protective pull rod, platforms, scaffolding, and sit, on pole, lying; Are strictly forbidden to have rest at the bottom of the scaffold. 9, it is strictly prohibited to should not be engaged in the work high above the condition of working personnel of higher. Must set up the warning line 10, high operational areas, prohibit the operation personnel to enter. ZuoYeDui safety personnel must be alert to check at any time. Three, the use of scaffold inspection with protective scaffold in use process, ZuoYeDui, head of safety personnel shall check the following content: 1, if there's any loose for vertical rod, sliding instability phenomenon such as; 2, whether all nodes of fastener lock, with and without damage, the phenomena of wire; 3, use theodolite or messenger wire and tape to check the whole vertical degree meets the requirement, the perpendicularity error must be controlled within the scope of the permit; Level 4, in case of 6 or more after the wind, rain and snow; 5, shut down more than a week after the restoration of use; 6, scaffolding in use to fire prevention, the electricity, the work of the security protection against lightning. Gezhouba company five dragon lake wind power projects department on April 10, 2012
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