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Scaffolding, quality and safety requirements Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan

by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Scaffold erection of quality and safety requirements should be organically unify, ensure that the erection process and after use and removal of safety and applicable. 1, before the erection, unit project director should, according to the requirement of the scaffold ride demolition scheme of scaffolder safety technology plan, make both parties signing formalities. 2, be familiar with the drawings and the construction site to watch, and master the structure characteristics of building plane and building elevation, environmental conditions, in accordance with the construction fastener type steel pipe scaffold construction safety technical specifications '( JGJ130 - 2001). Structural requirements, determine the scaffold interval, etc. , the specific set-up steps. 3, material preparation, the approach of the steel tube, fastener, scaffolding, safety inspection check people. 4, the erection site preparation. According to the height of scaffolding set, the erection of field geology with existing national standards ( Foundation and foundation construction and acceptance standard '( JBJ202) Completes the scaffold construction requirements of groundwork and foundation, vertical flat, not water, concrete hardening, qualified after experience, pay-off positioning according to the requirement of the scheme. 5, scaffolder species homework personnel shall hold a valid operation card mount guard. Must wear a seat belt, you must wear shoes, it is forbidden to wear plastic shoes, leather shoes and other hard easy sliding shoes up homework. Operating tools and small parts to put inside tool bag, sleeves up mouth, neck and legs, in case the hook the danger. ( 2) The quality and safety requirements in the process of erection of 1, fastener type double row tube the porter hand frame build-up general order: the post - - Stud - outside - A small bar - - The ledger - - Sweep the floor bar - - Hand - foot - Protective railings and kick the porter bar - - Rod - even the wall - Safety net. 2, scaffolding set-up, must cooperate with construction schedule should be not more than a build-up adjacent wall more than a second step, ensure that the erection process and stability. 3, scaffolding, the accumulated error exceed allowable deviation, hard to commit to correct, after each take a step to the porter hand frame, in accordance with the provisions, school step distance, vertical distance, horizontal distance, vertical rod of verticality. 4, when the vertical rod application research by two matching operation, large and small bar with stud connection, two people must also cooperate. 5, when there are six levels of 6 or more high winds and rain fog, rain or snow, snow weather, should stop scaffolding, homework. The rain and snow back on assignments should be paid attention to prevent slippery and anti-skid measures. 6, it is strictly prohibited on the operational level the porter hand wearing not pile up materials, and must be kept clean, the operational layer scaffold materials piled up unable to concentrate, not high, stacked to solid, piled up no more than 300 kg per square metre, clear out after the completion of the work in time. After 7, scaffolding, by the construction enterprise organization segmented acceptance ( Step is generally not more than 3) And acceptance formalities. Acceptance of the parts should be written acceptance in the table, content of quantitative, inspector will sign acceptance formalities. After the acceptance is unqualified and, should be in the rectification acceptance to fill in the table. Scaffolding qualified rear can use.
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