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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
A, scaffolding, scheme 1, ( 1) Content is not complete. The formalities for examination and approval or not, the lack of together, reviewer and approver sign it. ( 2) Do not tally with the actual erection of scaffolding, solutions ( 3) Optional change scaffold erection scheme, when need to change the scaffold scheme, construction personnel is not the procedures of alteration. 2, control measures ( 1) Scaffold erection scheme, the main contents are short of one cannot, in accordance with the relevant specification, establishment, examination and approver sign, approved by the competent department of affix one's seal. ( 2) Before the coping of exploration on the construction site, understand the terrain, landform, project location, etc. , even when compiling for general layout shape and the engineering practice. ( 3) Must fill out the change table, when need to change the original designer to design, after examination and approval of the executive, supplementary information changes to the original drawings at the same time, attached to change after the table. (2, 1 scaffolding safety management and phenomenon 1) Not do before scaffolding, safety technical clarificaiton, no specific technical clarificaiton, not detailed, no written records, technical clarificaiton both sides do not sign, homework personnel did not understand the responsibility, don't know the safety technical code. ( 2) Scaffold erection is completed, check acceptance, no quantitative record the data, no acceptance of those responsible for signature, unqualified has not corrected or revamped but didn't review. 2, control measures ( 1) Establish disclosure system, disclosure content ( Safety technical measures and operation procedures, personnel division of labor, responsibility matters needing attention, etc. ) Verbal and written disclosure, disclosure can be, but must have the disclosure and disclosure signed by both sides. ( 2) Scaffolding, complete experience qualified rear can use, acceptance record all data must be quantitative, acceptance of responsibility must be signed, must be corrected for acceptance is unqualified, to review qualified rear can use. Each part of the three, scaffolding, A) Vertical bar for 1, ( 1) Leveling based not strengthened, not set the base, not set the foundation of the plate, less drainage measures; ( 2) Sweep the floor bar set height is not reasonable, continuous length range setting is complete. 2, control measures ( 1) Base endurance design basis, backfill soil layer compaction after reaching requirements, casting 20 cm thick concrete foundation, when the erection will smoothing wood plate, put a good base, then in the stud in the base, are not allowed to post directly on the wood, at the same time set up drain ( Note: standard base size: 150 x 150 x 8 plate upper welding phi 57 x 35, length L = 150 cm; Plate size: 50 cm thick, acuity 2000 mm long, 200 mm) ; ( 2) From the ground, Pick beam) 20 cm, within the scope of the continuous length set longitudinal and transverse rod sweeps the floor.
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