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Scaffolding quota preparation

by:Shizhan     2020-09-19
The scaffolding in the house repair quota is divided into: general scaffolding, building scaffolding, high-rise scaffolding, independent residential scaffolding, front and rear patio scaffolding, total widening scaffolding, balcony scaffolding, downpipe scaffolding, building flagpole scaffolding, building chimney scaffolding, full hall scaffolding, etc. When preparing the budget, the corresponding quotas should be applied according to the classification of different types of houses.

There are three types of scaffolding quota:

1) There is no actual drawing of the integrated scaffolding. If there are multiple projects that require scaffolding in the same part during construction and installation, this scaffolding project can be used, and no other scaffolding installation projects can occur. During construction, the construction unit can build as needed. The cost of this project is higher.

2) Outer scaffolding is used for exterior wall construction, and inner scaffolding is used for inner wall construction. However, for general civil construction, civil construction cannot be applied to inner scaffolding. In the pipeline construction, the scaffolding project is only in the part whose height exceeds 3.6 meters.

3) Single-row scaffolding can be used where the height is not too high and the load bearing is not large. Generally, double-row scaffolding is used in the construction of external walls of multi-storey buildings. In the construction of high-rise buildings, if scaffolding is used, safety accounting must be done, because high-rise scaffolding accidents occur repeatedly.
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