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Scaffolding removal method and matters needing attention Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan

by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Scaffolding, exquisite, standard, must according to the standard set to better protect the safety of the construction personnel simply, of course, is the same as the scaffold to remove, there is a standard demand note, today we mainly to grasp the scaffolding removal method and the matters needing attention. Remove before 1, scaffolding, scaffolding should be increased debris and obstacles on the ground, and approved by the relevant departments to rear can be removed. 2, remove required from top to bottom level, banned from top to bottom work together; To remove the protective railings, degree of scaffold board and the horizontal bar, and, in turn, remove shears hold the upper part of the fastener; Set-up can remove all shears hold before, it is necessary to strengthening support, avoid the scaffold. 3, even the wall is a must with scaffolding removal step by step, the ban will first even the wall again after a whole layer or layers of removal of dismantle scaffold; Section removal elevation difference should not be greater than 2 steps. 4, removal of scaffolding rods, collaborative operations required by 2 ~ 3 people, open degree of longitudinal bar, should be passed down from standing in the middle of the people, ban zheng. 5, remove the lessons and the import and export around the place, must set a reference line, and hold people to keep and prohibit the homework personnel into risk area; Removal of large frame should be weighted and fences; Lessons in wires and other equipment failure, should be prior contact with relevant departments, in order to adopt corresponding way. 6, when the scaffold to the height of the lower end a long vertical pole, set-up, can throw reinforcement should be at the right position, then remove the wall. 7, in the process of removal of the subcontract captain, monitor, and project department safety personnel, shelves foreman is responsible for the control and monitoring, and is responsible for the removal of evacuator and monitoring operation personnel's homework. 8, has removed the materials required in a timely manner, to the specified address classification to pile up.
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