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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Tengda scaffolding rental rent out, call 18420150310, lease refers to the period of the agreement, the lessee to get right to the lessor assets rent behavior. Lease main reason has the following aspects: tax savings; To reduce transaction costs; Reduce the uncertainty. Why do most use the unit button scaffolding and aluminum alloy scaffolding is the lease? Have what features and advantages of button? Disk button has a unique two-way self-locking ability, in terms of the efficiency and price, than the gantry or round buckle scaffold has more advantages. Must first know what is the distinguishing feature of button scaffolding and other scaffolding. Rail and vertical connection with locking function, mainly by design structure to realize and ensure that reduce the shortcomings of traditional scaffolding by artificial locking, keep the minimized unstable factors. At the same node multiple rail with the same connection locking form from the traditional dry interlock type into a single independent, each other, all forms of self-locking. The traditional scaffold on the same node, when a bar after the lock release, and other rail lever lock will be destroyed. Vertical bar at the top of the insert adjustable support components, inserted at the bottom of the adjustable base component, connection with casing or intubation poling, level pole and diagonal USES is card into the connection plate, with wedge bolt connection, form the steel pipe support structure geometric invariant system. Rental scaffolding specifications: 60 series and 48 series two types, the vertical pole length is divided into 0. 3 m, 0。 6米,0。 9米,1。 2 m, 1。 8米,2。 4m、3m。 Rail length is divided into 0. 6米,0。 9米,1。 2 m, 1。 8 m, thickness of pipe is divided into 2. 75毫米,3毫米,3。 2mm。 Observed from the above, high efficiency, the advantage of less parts, but the price is more expensive, if is a one-time items, most like to lease. There is a big project for a long time, do a few times can be back to this project, and the country banned the old scaffolding, such as the fastener scaffold for big project. Can rent available aluminum alloy scaffolding, scaffolding rental lease the more commonly used, such as shopping malls decoration, advertising installation, etc. , the other is one-time use, usually use months lease scaffold, can save cost. Scaffolding rental need to pay attention to what issues? First you need to choose a professional, service, one-stop services, including free shipping, good company custom construction scheme, technical installation guide. Secondly carefully check the quality of stents, wall cracks, welds is strong, rust in security, whether parts is complete; In strict accordance with the building specification to install scaffold, must be installed more than 8 meters fence to ensure the safety of operators, prevent the happening of the falling. Edge limb work not containment or containment height less than 80 cm when the heights of the homework, when need to install the wall in the building. No matter how much is the scaffold height, pedal to spread, skirting board Settings can effectively prevent the empty fall behavior and tools. Good use of time. Button when building skilled workers one day can reach 30 meters, greatly shorten the period and save labor costs, embarks from the economic benefit of leasing scaffold belong to affordable way. During the second lease, the lessee for renting the goods shall be properly kept, and maintenance expenses. Lease goods return, examination and acceptance of both sides, if there are any damage, missing, poor maintenance, etc. , according to the two sides through consultation of the lease material defect compensation and the measures for the maintenance fee, the lessor pay compensation by the tenant direction, repair and maintenance fee. The lessor: not according to time, not according to the quality, not according to the number of lease supplies, should be paid to the lessee default the rent % of penalty due to breach of contract party: don't pay the rent on time period also be leasing material transfer, sublet or leasing goods sell, mortgage, etc, should be paid to the lessor default period rent % liquidated damages, damages. Rent the applicability of the scaffold is very wide, such as engineering and construction, electric hydraulic, bridge building, the airport, etc. , as a professional aerial work equipment, scaffolding leasing not only depends on the quality of our products and have to pay attention to the installation, technical support, the final note or lease terms.
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