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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Guangdong aluminum alloy aerial work platform for wholesale and contact phone number: 18420150310 scaffolding leasing is will meet any of the project, the most important is the materials department is responsible for, or a member of the materials specifically responsible for material into the exits. A part of material for years will tell you many unknown secret, don't look down upon this simple rental work, there is a need to master the knowledge inside yo. Actually as rental profits to reduce gradually, many companies are reducing cost fluctuation full time. The original wall thickness. 3. All 5 of the frame tube into 2. 75, even lower, originally a ton of 260 meters of the tube, now a ton to 350 meters, so don't feel rent by cheap frame tube, in fact is not safe to use by you of qualified products. Attention to the quality of the products is on the one hand, on the other hand it remains to be seen whether the product after maintenance, such as whether the fasteners on the oil, steel pipe is straight, the two ends of the bowl need docking is round, is there a wall ash, etc. If fastener no oil pipe is bent, scaffolder effort up to down, by the way, say hello fathers 18 generation, if the bowl and docking, equally laborious, already tense construction period, hard physical labor will increase the pressure of people, find a good product will be more let a person of irritation, it is cheap. This is caught by the leasing companies that give you cheap, but I can save the cost of maintenance. Because there is no this profit point, the enterprise can only in the make an issue of cost reduction. About the products we see contract, lease contract is the version of the lease enterprise more actually, because the lease share in engineering construction is very small, nor projects the focus of attention. The terms of the contract many of them are vague, general small businesses can not guarantee supply, when you are using materials he told you don't have the time, you will be a mood? Does all the work and to do it again? Scaffolding lease take a look at the price, what each type of product is according to m rent or by the root, simple one unit, a slight negligence could be much worse. And then there are the documents, if the documents are hit machine, it will be more formal, carefully if it is written, a few to check well just line ah, otherwise ShangXiaLian, case, date, etc. There are discrepancies occurred; There is need to pay attention to the situation of the scribble on the documents, because for the documents with the contract have equal legal effect, every day in the documents, must be each to see ah. Again below to see the loading and unloading, in fact, this is the place where more controversial, who is responsible for loading and unloading car, some is not clearly in the contract, or just verbally, but in the end is the situation of mutual shuffle. So the best anything on paper. Also need to pay attention to transportation, site sometimes worry in a way, don't have a car or the car broke down, is not limited size restrictions, there is need to use the party since the also, so in general about the car ahead of time, that's the key to solve the problem. Points is the most simple, general several layers, and then multiplied by the number of each layer can be, but some of 'dirty' will be in a layer of a less, are in the middle tier of incomplete, this is going to be careful; And preferably after discharge to the ground points, points can also be in the car, but be sure to watch at the scene. Appeared before a situation, it is points after the materials left, trunk passive and part of the tube leakage at the bottom of the trunk interlining, look not to come out on the surface, the ultimate, such use, the party should not only take on rental should ride more damages. Said to the compensation, this also is a big thing, the compensation standards are generally as schedule in the contract, the word is small, still not clear, a bit not note will ignore the past; At the same time into the factory seconds will be to your compensation of yo, inside and outside in number are not small, sometimes it is a small, compensation is large, use the party to eat are all the dumb kui ah. Settlement and payment, it is careful to pay proportion and penalty due to breach of contract, of course, the good faith cooperation, generally do not have a problem, but if I go to the courts, that really want to good good study the contract. Ok, seemingly simple lease, but also has a large articles; As the material of a senior member can experience summary of the ah. Remember that engineering materials must be in accordance with the above standards, work harder, look more, ask more, don't understand the question to ask understand, oral to discuss some of the best land on agreement; Actually want to fundamentally solve these problems, that is to choose the cooperation unit, which is the key. Large enterprises pay more attention to is the profile of accumulation is the integrity of the enterprise, the enterprise's performance will not include the Roman has project. That how to choose a good business? One is the publicity materials, the other is online query enterprise website, 3 it is consulting colleagues, four is field trip. Fieldwork is the top priority in the above four: what? Field visit to the enterprise, you will know the enterprise product quality, what would you know the inventory quantity of the enterprise is able to ensure the supply of engineering vehicles, personnel, management of hardware and software facilities, such as you can see the enterprise real strength, so advocate material best on-the-spot investigation is a good member of the required courses. Guangdong aluminum wholesale aerial work platform
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