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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Obey the unified leadership of project department, unified management, unified command and scheduling. In accordance with the goals set in the project department, our team of engineering quality, safety, schedule and cost control will be entirely responsible for. Familiar with drawings and special construction plan, it shall not be changed without authorization, questionable report first, strictly according to specifications, according to procedures, according to standard construction, reasonable organization, scheduling of production factors, to ensure the team construction of the production run smoothly. Strictly carry out all tasks and projects department issued the timely disclosure to operating personnel to do homework, lead groups, CRD, safety, on schedule to complete the construction task. Console shall be built according to the requirement of the drawings and special construction scheme of double row tube fastener scaffold and cantilever suspension double-row steel pipe fastener scaffold, do work out a clear, do not waste materials, and make the civilization construction. Installing a steel cantilever beam, spacing, anchor ring, cork, welding, and double row steel pipe fastener scaffold erection of lasso poling, cross bar, bridging, fasteners, even the wall pieces, skirting board, hulan, steel pipe butt joint, steel pipe lap, scaffolding, a dense mesh net, AnQuanPing network must comply with the safety technical specifications and the special construction scheme. Erection of the frame body, safe passage, material platform, such as the mouth of the cave in the side safety protection must conform to the specifications, special construction scheme and the provincial civilized construction site standards. The good process inspection quality strictly, the procedure is unqualified, not into the next process, pays special attention to the construction of the process control in advance, matter and afterwards, subdivisional work strict quality check, ensure the quality of sectional works. Attend regular meeting technical security checks, cooperate with relevant departments to check and acceptance and this team regular inspection, in case of uneasy congruent anomalies ( Or to suspend operation for inspection) And at the same time report to the competent personnel, find out timely rectification in place, can continue to work after are no safety issues. Strong winds, rain, snow and other evil force weather stop industry, after must be carefully check to continue operation after reinforcement. Make shift work personnel of construction technology, quality, safety disclosure, safe production, civilized construction, education and record, constantly improve the team members' safety awareness and self-protection capability. Construction of the team to cooperate with each other, and working procedure between cohesion, protect the other kinds of work, ensure smoothly of next working procedure. Without authorization, change the construction scheme, rework, rectification and reinforcement, waste materials, field excess material not collect ( Or cleaning) , damage others achievement, irregularities, delay the construction period, cooperate with other type of work, such as project department unilaterally has the right to the shift into the punishment ( Education, damages, fines, exit) 。 Education worker compliance to obey the law, increase savings, improve team comprehensive economic benefits, make team accounting, ensure the worker income distribution. 14. Our responsibility is one of the contract agreement content, and the agreement for the same. ShenFang: project department: party b: team leader: year month day
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