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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
First, prevention, to ensure that resources reach the qualified level; Second, the process control and process to ensure the safety standards and to supervise process safe operation; Third, keep, keep on in the condition of safety, no violation of safety standards and does not comply with the conditions; For the situation to ensure to be processed on time. According to the perpetrators is different, can be divided into different content types of checklist. The following is a list of site safety supervisor or related professionals with scaffolding for construction safety inspection table, for your reference. Check the additional qualifications include: 1. The scaffold materials in good condition; 2. Scaffolder during take down the scaffolding took a fall prevention measures; 3. Scaffolding place hang tag; 4. Solid foundation strong, prevent the water; 5. The frame body vertical, structural support is good; 6. A complete barrier ( In the fence, guardrail) And skirting board; 7. Up and down the scaffold channel security, reasonable and reliable; 8. Scaffolding full shop operation level and fixed tightly; 9. To install scaffold based around palisade, warning flags, and warning signs; 10. The work platform in a neat and orderly state. More than 10 as a scaffolding essential basic requirement. Custom check project: the special structure or purpose scaffold should be checked according to the actual situation to increase project, these may include: scaffolding demolition apps, scaffolding door, scaffolding wall etc. Within the check table, implementation through certain custom form. Corrective feedback: check after execution, the most important thing is to check found in violation of the conditions must be told that those responsible for the rectification, and timely review of the confirmation. Closed-loop management in inspection and feedback is very important. Compilation basis: The construction fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety technical specification] 。 JGJ130 - 2001; ( Building construction safety inspection standards] 。 JGJ59- 99.
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