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by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
1 of the erection of scaffolding materials need to be qualified after inspection, deformation, crack defects such as scaffold pole, fittings and fasteners, is strictly prohibited scaffolding fasteners, fittings may repair welding means. 2 scaffold need flat on the ground, the basis of compaction, solid, the metal substrate to level off, shall not have any deformation, the ground is soft and you need to use the rod or sweeps the floor plate to the bearing surface and increase stability. All scaffolding set-up (need according to the relevant standards and regulations Scaffolding to horizontal flat vertical, span and spacing should conform to the requirements of the specification) 。 Both scaffolding to what height do not allow to appear unstable condition. The springboard to show a clean and tidy on scaffolding, width, length should be consistent ( Except special parts) 。 Any foot springboard to fixed tightly on the shelf, platform surface must not have larger holes ( Except special parts) 。 5 scaffolding work platform requires security fence, barrier height is 910 mm 1150mm。 Keep clean work platform. 6 TDD scaffolding needs to be installed has a ladder. 7 the erection of the work high above the scaffolding need approved by HSE monitoring staff to check, before they listed for use. 8 do not overload (scaffold 270Kg/m2) , the welding line and grounding line on steel scaffolding shall be strictly prohibited. As far as possible to avoid cross under the scaffold surface. Keywords: scaffold
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