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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Zhejiang operation platform, ladder eu en131 contact phone number: 18420150310 steel pipe scaffold safety should do 1. Drawing deepening: check the scaffolding, special drawings, building construction drawing and calculation interval of stud and horizontal distance, map stud, pay-off positioning cantilever beam and cantilever unloading layer layout diagram. 2. Based around the set drainage, ensure the base ground water, lightning protection contact not less than 4, and meet the requirement of special lightning protection scheme, and ensure lightningproof grounding is effective. 3. Transverse sweeping bar under the vertical sweeping bar, able to withstand the pressure from the. Rod sweeps the floor from the ground should not be more than 30 cm, if high standard is too high, it would be easy to occur poling movement, difficult to form a relatively stable structure. 4. Set the bar, pay attention to avoid set the poling of two adjacent column joints in sync with cross range, which may lead to the scaffold overall performance is poor, poor rigidity, should pay attention to keep the poling distance of two adjacent column joints, with more than 50 cm advisable. 5. If use buckle lap bracing diagonal extension, length should not be less than 1 m, rotating fastener should be greater than two. 6. To avoid upsetting, should be in a setting integral scaffolding facade bracing, meet the demand of the scaffold length and height. 7. Even the wall with rigid connection, by a two step three across Settings, when the lower part of scaffolding can not set the wall piece should adopt measures to prevent capsizing. Threw the shore, when the erection hold long bar, should be adopted and rotary buckle fixed on the scaffold, and the surface should be between 45 ° ~ 60 ° Angle; The distance form the centre of the join to the master node should not be greater than 300 mm, throw set-up rear can dismantle should stay on the wall. 8. To avoid falling objects when scaffold construction, must strictly carry out every 3 set a layer out network, set up can be carried out when necessary, fight falling material machine cuts. High layer within the scaffold should be installed at the bottom of the skirting board to avoid slip construction personnel, materials, etc. 9. Scaffolding hard sealing material using 10 mm thick plywood, and set up in every 6 layer position hard closed protective scaffold board and skirting board. 10. Strictly implement the build after the demolition, before they are put down first, the principle of can take segmented dismantling or discrete surface removal, demolition work must ensure that set the closed protective measures and ensure the safe operation, including even the wall when necessary rod in order to ensure the stability of the structure in the process of demolition operation. Zhejiang operation platform, ladder en131 in the European Union
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