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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
In order to earnestly implement & other; Safety first, prevention first & throughout; Policy, strengthen the labor protection, production safety and civilized construction, eliminate the production safety accidents, put an end to heavy casualties accidents, clear the out-contracting units ( Hereinafter referred to as party a) And subcontractors ( Hereinafter referred to as party b) Of their respective duties, the safe production responsibility system is established as follows: 1, party a will innovate building hubei dean sweet beauty domain engineering scaffold erection and dismantling of the subcontract to party construction, to the specific requirements of the project will be subject to party a's construction technical disclosure. 2, party b comes into play, should be to party a's relevant departments related entry formalities, pay the deposit. Equipped with part-time security officer, clear content, production safety supervision team, accompanied by examination and acceptance of party a's relevant departments, organize employee safety activities, safety production will open good shift, completes the safety record. 3, party b must strictly implement safety production management system and regulations formulated by party a, comply with the safety operation procedures, strengthen the management of construction site safety production, civilized construction. 4, and party a subcontract to party construction in the form of contractor bag material, material procurement, supply, use, storage, etc all by party b is responsible for. 5, party b the scaffolding steel tube, fastener, safety net, the specification, type of bamboo basketry, quality must conform to the requirements, and cooperate with party a in steel, fasteners, safety nets, bamboo basketry check acceptance, unqualified components shall not be used. 6, party b shall arrange to vegetation in stack, subject to the unified arrangement of party a. 7, into the construction site must wear safety helmet, aerial work personnel must wear a seat belt, wear non-slip shoes, and should be worn tool bag, fall from, lest tools. Scaffolder must pass a relevant department training, hold valid certificates to mount guard. 8, when the scaffold erection of foundation soil, plate, rod, stud, lateral horizontal rod sweeps the floor, longitudinal rod, cast tide, even the wall pieces, scissors, fastening torque, bamboo basketry, safety nets, baseboard, wire rope, beams, embedded parts, step, etc. , as well as the removal of scaffolding must be in accordance with & other Scaffolding safety operation specification & throughout; And & other; Throughout the construction plan &; Asked for. 9, arranging construction tasks, the serious safety technical disclosure, strictly implement the work of operational procedures, shall have the right to refuse illegal command. 10, before going to work in the face of the work environment security checks, found the problem immediately corrective measures, eliminate accident hidden danger in time. 11, it is forbidden to drink and go to work, it is forbidden to wear slippers and hard wear shoes on high altitude operation, it is forbidden to play gambol on scaffolding, down from a height shall be strictly prohibited. 12, began to build, should first every 6 set across a brace, until the wall after installation of solid, can according to the situation. 13, scaffolding set-up, must cooperate with construction schedule should be not more than a build-up of adjacent wall pieces of the above two steps, and epithelial height above the building 1. 5 meters. 14, build and dismantle scaffold field must be set up warning region, hanging eye-catching warning signs, designated persons in custody, fancy area not operation personnel pass or construction shall be strictly prohibited. 15, before each call it a day, all stores material should be set-up, all may not be kept on the shelf, in order to avoid fall from, legacy in the cleanup step layer materials, objects, garbage, all clean up objects shall be safe transport to the ground, may not be cast down. 16 welding gas cutting technology must be used within the time, scaffolding, should strictly in accordance with the requirements of the national special type of work, more professionals, to start the fire certificate, equipped with fire welding bucket and guardian, prevent Mars and cutting splashed down cuts, it is forbidden to unlicensed when hot. 17, party b shall each layer as a segments to take this opportunity to find potential safety hazard immediately for rectification, self-inspection after passing inspection, notify relevant departments to inspect a qualified listed, confirmed and signed by both party before delivery. 18, fog and rain and snow weather, and 6 levels of wind, stop high homework. Rain and snow anti-skid measures. 19 grounding device shall be set up, scaffolding. 20, accident, party b immediately rescue, timely report, and protect the scene of the accident. 21, construction caused by party b violation of safety operating rules of safety accident has nothing to do with party a, all the loss and responsibility shall be borne by party b, a major safety accident, otherwise act accordingly, breaking, handed over to the judicial departments to deal with. 22, the detailed rules for the implementation: ( 1) Homework without wearing a helmet, fined 50 yuan. The work high above the staff is not required to wear your seat belt, fine of $100. ( 2) Work hard wear slippers and shoes when working, fined 50 yuan. ( 3) Drunk, work fine of $200, and immediately stop the construction. ( 4) Because obeyed not the voice of the quartet to mobilize and affect the construction progress, fine of $500. ( 5) Strike up a conversation quality does not conform to the requirements or do not conform to the requirements of the safety norms, fine of $1000. ( 6) Scaffolding or dismantled, thrown steel, fasteners, materials and other goods, fine of $1000. ( 7) Scaffolding demolished when no warning area, no sign, no modes, fine of $500. Strictly implement company and project department of production safety rewards and punishment system, otherwise the project safety department to obtain evidence, issue ticket directly, to a fine. This agreement take effect from the date of signing the super and project end to remove. The out-contracting units: subcontracting units: year month day year month day
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