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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Jilin where there is hot galvanizing plate buckle contact telephone: 18420150310 scaffold is one of the most important construction equipment in engineering construction, but also the most prone to security facilities, so what are the safety management regulations of the scaffold? 1 cantilever scaffold installation disassembly personnel must go through. The construction administration department of training related certificates, engaged in installation erection and removal operations for the period of validity of the certificate of approval. 2 cantilever scaffold installation remove personnel should be regular physical examination, health should comply with the scaffolder occupational safety and health requirements. 3 installation disassembly operations must wear safety helmet, fasten your seat belt, wear non-slip shoes, the proper use of protective equipment. 4 cantilever scaffold installation and dismantling homework before, should be based on the scaffold falling height and radius, on the surface of the corresponding position setting temporary retaining and warning signs, and should care by designated personnel. Remove operation, installation of cantilever scaffold must strictly carry out the special construction scheme, safety technical clarificaiton and safe technology operating rules, should be hurtful protective measures to prevent falling and falling objects. 6 cantilever scaffold components quality and installation quality, should comply with the provisions of this regulation, and through inspection qualified rear can use. 7 when the cet 6 and cet 6 or more high winds and fog, rain and snow weather should stop work. Rain, snow back on assignments before slippery measure should have. Engaged in scaffolding installation and removal operations at night is forbidden. Construction load on eight body must comply with the design requirements, it is strictly prohibited to overload use. The construction waste on the body and debris should be clear in time. 9 it is forbidden to enlarge the using range of scaffolding shall not template bracket, cable wind rope, concrete and mortar conveying pipes, such as discharging platform on the scaffold, it is strictly prohibited to lifting weights with the help of the scaffold. 10 should be regularly ( Not less than 1 times a month) Cantilever scaffold use safety inspection, clear personnel completes the daily maintenance work, timely eliminate safety hidden trouble. 11 cantilever scaffold during the period of using, it is strictly prohibited to any illegal operations affecting the safety of cantilever scaffold. It is strictly prohibited to dismantle steel cantilever component, loose steel cantilever structure anchor ring, bolts and locking device, change the stress state, reduce the bearing capacity. It is strictly prohibited to dismantle the main node of longitudinal and transverse horizontal pole, longitudinal and transverse rod sweeps the floor and the wall. 12 on the scaffolding, when electricity, gas welding, must have a fire prevention measures, and designated persons in custody. 13 site erection of temporary electricity lines and cantilever scaffold grounding, lightning protection measures, etc. , should be according to the current industry standards ( JGJ46) The technical specification for construction site temporary electricity safety regulations. 14 cantilever scaffold along the frame in vitro circumference must be safety net fully enclosed with dense mesh type, dense mesh type safety net should be set up outside the scaffolding poling inside, and along the ring one by one and tie rack body strong. 15 cantilever scaffold with gaps between walls shall be sealed at the bottom of the strong, tight, prevent people, objects to fall from it. Jilin where there is hot galvanizing plate buckle manufacturer
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