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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
1 scaffolding, staff must be after according to the current national standard 'special operations personnel safety technical appraisal management rules GB5036 examination qualified scaffolder. Mount guard personnel should be regular physical examination, eligible may show certificates. 2 erection of scaffolding workers must wear safety helmet, wearing a seatbelt, wearing non-slip shoes. 3 scaffolding set-up quality, components quality and inspection shall be in accordance with the provisions, acceptance, qualified rear must use. 4 homework layer on the construction load should comply with the design requirements, shall not be overloaded. Shall not be template bracket, cable wind rope, pumping concrete and mortar conveying pipe fixed on the scaffold; It is forbidden to hang lifting equipment. 5 when six and six more high winds and fog, rain and snow weather should stop when the scaffolding, and demolition work. Rain, snow back on assignments due and antiskid shoes, and should sweep the snow. Six scaffolding safety inspection and maintenance, should be in accordance with the provisions. The erection or dismantling safety net should be in accordance with relevant regulations. 7 in during the use of scaffolding, it is forbidden to dismantle the following link: longitudinal and lateral horizontal bar master node; Longitudinal and transverse rod sweeps the floor; Connecting rod. 8 May not be on the basis of the scaffold and adjacent mining operations, or security measures should be taken, and the competent department for approval. When erection of scaffolding, the lateral due and protective measures to prevent falling objects hurtful. 10 on the bamboo scaffolding, when electricity, gas welding, must have a fire prevention measures and personnel guards. 11 scaffold erection of temporary electricity lines and scaffolding grounding, lightning protection measures, etc. , should be according to the current industry standard 'technical specification for construction site temporary electricity safety ( GJJ 46) The relevant provisions. 12 take down the scaffolding, the ground should be fencing and warning signs, and hold people to keep and prohibit the operation personnel to enter. 13 after installation of fastener bolt tightening torque should be checked using torque wrench, sampling methods should be random distribution principle. Sampling check the number and quality evaluation standard, shall be determined according to the rules. The unqualified must tighten again, until qualified. 14 scaffold in use, shall regularly check the following items: 14. 1 bar Settings and the connection, even the wall, the structure of the support and the truss was conformed to the requirements; 14. 2 if ground water, the base is loose, whether stud dangling; 14. 3 fastener bolt is loose; 14. More than 4 height at 24 m scaffold, the settlement of the stud with the verticality deviation is in accordance with the provisions; 14. Safety protective measures is in accordance with the requirements; 14. 6 if overload.
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