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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
1. Federated eye network, safety scaffolding to hang a totally enclosed full dense mesh net. Federated eye network by 1. 8× 6. 0 m's specifications, with net twine tie outside the main rail side stud. 1 homework layer network should be higher than the platform. Step 2 m, and under the operation layer frame set a horizontal pocket net. Construction layer should be set with the net when necessary. Homework layer scaffold poling at 0. 25 m and 1. 2 m sets foot lever block and guardrails. Cantilever rack lay at the bottom of the cantilever beam position foot hand piece of striped cloth, hand piece, seal the bottom feet to avoid dust, grit leak into the ground. Federated eye network around here. Settings. Safe passage and safe protection shed federated eye network shall be set up necessary to set up the part of the federated eye network, should check to make sure the parts that are set by the site, each floor tower set federated eye network edge. Scaffolding must go through the basis of hardening treatment meet the requirement of bearing capacity, and do no water, no subsidence, roof more than 75% of the strength of concrete must meet the design to construction. Scaffolding, parts of the backfill soil stratification ramming bearing capacity should be & ge; 8 kpa, scaffolding, water C20 and 150 mm thickness of concrete, scaffolding, parts of the strength of the floor slab, provide scaffolding poling load values for design, designed by the design of reinforcement, strengthening the intensity of the parts of the floor. Scaffold erection and dismantling work underline mark area, pedestrians are banned, unified command, echoed up and down, movement coordination, it is strictly prohibited under the command no homework. When solve fasteners related with another person will tell each other first, and get the permission, to prevent falling cuts. Began to take to set up the rod, should every 6 set across a brace, until a stable after installation, the wall shall be removed depending on the situation. Scaffolding promptly with Rachel or use temporary topside structure, to ensure the safety in the erection process, scaffold before daily work unfinished, it is important to ensure that the frame body stability. Scaffolding set-up, must cooperate with construction schedule a build-up height should not exceed more than even the wall adjacent two steps. During the erection shall be inspected by safety personnel monitor, shelves, etc, acceptance and visa. Once every two step acceptance, to fulfill the requirements of design and construction after hanging a qualified CARDS. Outside scaffolding when unloading device is adopted, strict design diameter ( See calculation) Pull on the rope through the beam of bolt hole connected to the scaffold, is strictly prohibited to tear open change. When the job layer below even the walls above 3 pieces. More than 6 m, and it is even the wall, the temporary support should take appropriate measures. Temporary brace member should be reliable connection and structure platform, platform concrete casting when embedding embedded parts, embedded parts hand lever, appropriate USES short feet stay rod connected to the embedded work rotating fastener, supporting rod spacing across 3, left brace Angle & le; 60℃。 Collision red light: * * * * building height of 207 meters, should be set to prevent aircraft collision at a red light, red light setting position is top of the building and contour line, climbing tower crane tower, boom and actuating arm parts. Setting method, horizontal and vertical direction of scaffolding set, red 3 m horizontal spacing arrangement, vertical four Angle to decorate each, vertical spacing of 1 m, the power cord with plastic thread work U card is fixed on the scaffolding, lamps and lanterns is fixed on the insulation board. Scaffolding lightning protection measures: the cloudburst needle in connecting with building lightning protection systems, the use of tower and podium lightning protection grounding device to complete the scaffold lightning safety protection, tower were set up four lightning rod, installed in the tower scaffolding on the four angles of stud, podium lightning rod spacing of 35 m span arrangement, with 40 * 4, L = 1 m galvanized flat steel production, the lightning rod connected to the scaffolding longitudinal rod, lightning protection network formation, lightning conductor adopts BVR25 ㎜? Cables, and lightning rod and lightning protection grounding connection, with the increase of scaffolding rods with elevated, lightning protection grounding with 40 * 4 galvanized flat steel embedded parts with screw connection, building lightningproof grounding system has been installed in the foundation construction. Lightning protection grounding device after the installation is complete, resistance tester is used to test the resistance, impact resistance for more than 10 & Omega; 。 At the same time should pay attention to check with other metals or the safe distance between buried cables ( Generally not less than 3 m) In order to avoid breakdown accident.
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