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Scaffolding safety responsibility pledges - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan safety technology

by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Party a: party b: according to the superior safety objective management and safety production work plan, stick to & other; Safety first, prevention first & throughout; Policy, comprehensively strengthen production safety work, strengthen the consciousness of safe production and ensure the personal safety and legitimate rights and interests, mutual consultation, both party a and party b sign a special type of work the operator safety responsibility pledges. One, job requirements 1, scaffolding operators must hold relevant certificates, in strict accordance with the scaffold safety operation procedures. 2, people with diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, dizziness, are not allowed to be on homework, no drunken shelf operation. 3, on the shelf operation must fasten your seat belt, wear a good helmet, wear soft shoes and cuffs, good ankle. 4, homework personnel should go up and down a dedicated channel, ban scaffold pole climbing up and down. Walking on the operation platform operation or pay attention to the probe plate. Step 5, when the demolition of an outer layer from top to bottom, a clear principle, step type, section, division face demolition shall be strictly prohibited. 6, scaffolding application block, and nail up, not brick pad. 7, up and down the same vertical line at the same time for homework. 9, it is prohibited to use unqualified building materials. 10, had more than six levels of strong winds, heavy rain, snow, frost, etc should stop the work high above the thick fog, rain, snow back after cleaning the surroundings and anti-skid measures rear can operate. 2, 1, liability for breach of contract, party b did not press the safety operation regulation operation or not in accordance with the requirements of party a, cause all the accidents and economic losses shall be borne by party b. 2, due to party b caused casualties or major safety accident, party b in addition to take full responsibility, based on the situation, party a party b can be wiped out immediately. 3, as a result of party a for party b's safety accidents caused by the law enforcement investigation to verify, mainly responsible for party a, party b shall not bear. 4, operating personnel list as follows: name id number I signed 5, the safe production responsibility of effect from the date of signing, made clear after the project. On behalf of party a: party b represent: monthly day
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