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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
One, the engineering general situation of project name: XXXXXX city 1. 2) the construction unit: XXXXXX development co. , LTD. , design unit: architectural design co. , LTD. , XXX XXXX on architectural design institute co. , LTD. , the construction unit: XXXXX group co. , LTD. , XXXXX engineering general contracting co. , LTD. , supervision units: the XXXXXX co. , LTD. The project is located in XXX city, jiangsu province, XXX city is located in the Yangtze river estuary, known as' jianghai portal. XXXX city 1. 2) is located in the south of XXX city planning in the new district of northern and southern for XXX city center, not far from the XXX avenue to the east, the north for XXX road, west to XXX river, south overlooking the Yangtze river. The project to interior design elevation + 0. 000 relative to the absolute level 4. 400, the elevation difference of inside and outside of 0. 45 meters. This project total construction area of about 190000 square meters, including 6 #, 7 #, 8 #, 14 # and 15 # 7, 16 #, 17 # floor building, including six for the underground layer 2 # floor, the floor 22 + 20 layers; 7 # building 2 floors underground, the ground 24 + 24 layer; 8 #, underground 2 floors, 20 + 22 layers on the floor; 14 for the underground layer 2 # floor, the ground is 24 + 24 + 26 layer; 15 # building, underground 2 floors for 24 + 26 floors on the ground, 16 for the underground layer 2 # floor, the floor is 24 + 26 + 26 layer; 17 for the underground layer 2 # floor, the ground of 26 + 24. The construction engineering safety production management regulations ( The 393th order) of the State Council 8、GB50319- 2000 'standard of construction project supervision' 9, JGJ130 - 2011 'technical specification for construction fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety, JGJ80-10 91 'working construction of higher safety technical specifications' 11, JGJ59 - 99 'building construction safety inspection standards' 11, the ministry of construction to build quality ( 2003). According to the 'safety first, prevention first' the production safety policy, to carry out national current laws and regulations on safety in production, construction administration department of the work of production safety rules and regulations and standards, implement the principle of 'pipe production, must be safe', the key to do a good job of safety prevention. Order the construction unit to carry out the safety in production, civilization construction guarantee system, establish and improve the personnel of production safety responsibility system at various levels, responsibility to the people, put in place. 3, review the construction scheme of procedural, conformity and maneuverability to conform to requirements. 24 meters below ground scaffolding requiring technical project manager approval, 24 meters above the ground scaffolding request approval, head of the enterprise technology to review construction scheme meets the requirement of mandatory norms, the narrow construction site, scaffolding construction must, in accordance with the order of the reasonable arrangement material-in build-up construction. Supervise build a game and other appropriate subcontract unit using regularly for workers safety education and special operations personnel training work, to carry out the safety technical disclosure. 5, in strict accordance with the specifications and requirements of the construction scheme scaffolding construction. Scaffolder must hold relevant certificates, review the related certificates, unlicensed personnel shall not, put an end to command and illegal operations. Safety inspection system, strictly adhere to the daily safety check total package ( Review) , weekly inspection ( Review) , since the month appraisal and supervision daily supervision and inspection and the total package units joint inspection, the combination of problems found in the inspection corrective feedback in a timely manner, eliminate safety hidden trouble. After scaffolding, the system of examination and acceptance of all have, after experienced qualified for use. 8, scaffolding used 6 months will once again check acceptance, after acceptance, can continue to use. Found in violation of dangerous operations shall be ordered to immediately stop the construction, find safe hidden trouble of rectification shall be ordered to shutdown, the rectification qualified rear can return to work.
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