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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Name of the project named 'campus of henan university expert apartment 22 yuan three blocks clarificaiton time on August 6, 2013 division component project name be born outside scaffolding production shift safety disclosure content: one, the material requirements 1, scaffolding material, specifications, all materials used must comply with the current industry standard of the People's Republic of China the construction fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety technical specifications' JGJ 130-2011. 2, the new fastener manufacturer production license, the legal inspection unit test report and quality certificate. 3, serious corrosion is strictly prohibited and crack of steel tube, fastener; It is forbidden to use inferior frame board and federated eye network. 2, 1, scaffolding erection of Settings: wide for 900 ㎜; Interval is 1800 ㎜; 1500 ㎜ longitudinal distance; Net frame body and architecture from 400 ㎜. Set-up requirements: 2, 1 poling extension, adjacent joints should be staggered, layout in different interval, stud connectors and longitudinal horizontal pole distance not greater than one-third interval, poling below soil compaction and increase plate. 2 longitudinal bar starting at the bottom of the shelf is installed, joints staggered arrangement, and the adjacent longitudinal bar with cross joint may not appear at the same time. Three vertical rod and the longitudinal bar intersections lateral horizontal bar. Horizontal level below the rod should be located in the longitudinal rod, and cross fasteners hooking on poling, shall not be moved outside the frame removed before. 4 bracing, authors should be done in and outside the frame synchronization. Bridging the erection Angle should be between 45 to 60 degrees and Settings from the corner. Set-up should be from the bottom of the frame bracing for erection of succession to the top of the shelf. Bracing used rotary buckle fixed in fellowship with the stud or lateral horizontal bar, with the main contact distance should not be greater than 150 ㎜. Bracing diagonal lap length should be not less than 1 m, lap joint application of not less than three rotating fastener. Five plate Settings: if a bamboo frame plate, lateral horizontal bar is located in the longitudinal bar above, distance is not greater than 1. 4m。 Bamboo frame board laid can adopt the method of butt and lap, when the docking bamboo frame board end support rail protruding from 130 ~ 150 ㎜; Using lap, bamboo frame plate lap length should be in 200 ~ 250 ㎜, bamboo frame plate lap out lateral horizontal bar should not be less than 100 ㎜. If use bamboo basketry, horizontal level below the rod in longitudinal rod, increase between the internal and external longitudinal bar two longitudinal rods, divide spacing, joints staggered. Frame plate probe, bamboo basketry piece of joint part 14 # lead wire is fixed on the support bar. Federated eye network should be over by an outer layer, all six high hung; Binding 16 # galvanized wire, wire should not be used. 7 even wall: use & Oslash; 8 round steel or steel pipe ( See the chart on page 3) 。 Use & Oslash; 8 round steel as the wall should be increased when short steel pipe support, steel bar embedded in the side beam on upper main reinforcement, short steel tube hooking on interior and exterior stud outside the frame, and support on the main facade. Even the wall connected with an outer layer should subject the corner began to set, the first layer of the wall pieces every 1 root outrigger post set up an even wall, floors up every two root outrigger poling set a wall piece, fluctuation floor even the wall should be staggered arrangement. Even the wall of a rod connected with main body and an outer layer must be solid and reliable, meet have to strengthen. 8 block erect in between longitudinal horizontal bar up and down, up and down space partitioning. Basic requirements: 3, scaffolding, neat appearance, bar horizontal even vertical, clear foot straight, bridging the erection Angle between 45 to 60 degrees and consistent 'as possible Angle, buckle buckle firm and reliable, bamboo frame board or bamboo basketry laid conform to the requirements of the specification, federated eye network articulated, various bar installation deviation within the scope of the permit, total vertical deviation is not more than 70 mm high, horizontal deviation is not more than 20 ㎜. Three, remove 1, dismantle the floor must be set alert zone and anchor protection, alert zone of relevant personnel no admittance with specialist care; 2, dismantled before dealing with the scaffold inspection main parts: one is to see every wall whether a firm, the second is to remove all sundry outside the frame, removing debris should be safe to send to the ground; 3, demolition work shall be carried out step by step a top-down, even the wall with scaffolding removed one by one, it is strictly prohibited to the wall again after a whole layer or layers of demolition dismantled scaffold; 4, scaffolding piecewise demolition of step height difference should not be greater than 2, demolition of step height difference is greater than 2, not dismantle side should increase the wall a reinforcement; Find difficult points, 5, scaffolding demolition workers can't solve the problem of safety, should be timely reported to the project department. Four, safe construction measures 1, scaffolder must hold relevant certificates. Work must wear non-slip shoes and wear safety helmet, safety belt; 2, shelf operation personnel shall wear tool bag, make good division of labor cooperation; 3, the erection of material should be as the schedule, along with it, to prevent improper fall from; 4, stud connectors shall not exceed 1/3 step distance, and vertical extension bar; 5, have a good shelf should form stable structure, unstable temporary reinforcement; 6, in the process of the erection, set the alert area on the ground, the ground construction personnel to avoid the warning area; 7 homework, not night, rain and snow day, more than five and five winds stop operation; 8, do not use unqualified material; 9, equipped with specialist command, homework personnel must obey the unified command; 10, each time the construction work is completed, the shelf material shall all be used up or the rest of the unloaded. ( After the appended drawings) Clarificaiton safety personnel to accept
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