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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Aluminum alloy scaffolding old-fashioned contact phone number: 18420150310 confirmed put terraces with any charged metal parts to keep a safe distance. On the bowl even if is not pressure, also do not send out to form a rail joint. Open it should be according to the passed down from the operation. Use to ensure that the scaffold in the erection, and the safety in the process of demolition, technical requirements are as follows: the safety of the scaffolding, scaffold must have a complete set-up, use and removal of construction plan, including on the basis of the scaffold, such as structure, even the wall must be designed, check calculation of its bearing capacity. 2, scaffolding in accordance with the provisions, set the diagonal, scissors, even the wall, pull rod or hang on. To the channel and the mouth of the cave or bear more than the part of the load, must be strengthened. 3, scaffolding should be reliable connection node, the installation of fittings and fastening force should comply with the requirements. Should be formed the basis of 4, scaffolding, has enough bearing capacity and stability. Scaffolding stud from the pit, the upper edge of should not be less than 1 m, and stud and plate must be set under the mat. 5, scaffolding points, braced and even wall hanging ( Crane) Point must be set in a reliable can withstand the support load combination of parts, for structure calculation when necessary. 6, scaffolding should be reliable safety protective measures. Operation between the scaffolding on the surface of the pore, leaving no space between the scaffolding and metope is generally not more than 200 mm, high-rise building engineering should be no gap, lap length between the scaffolding shall not be less than 300 mm. Homework layer outer side should be blocked baseboard ( Bamboo or height of 1 m or so of ba, or hung safety net) Add 2 guard railing or dense mesh type plastic safety net plus 3 way rail. Closed to frontage be security. Thus there are a few safety technical measures in the paper are as follows: ( 1) To all play on scaffolding in construction personnel to strengthen safety education, including scaffolder self-protection education, other type of work assignments using scaffolding safety education and safety management personnel education. ( 2) Review the scaffold construction plan. First is the construction team based on the self review, and then to the construction supervising units for examination and approval, if necessary, in conjunction with the construction unit and invite experts to review, to avoid ill-considered, cause a serious accident. ( 3) Strengthen the acceptance inspection after the erection. Again to scaffolding can safe use, and to make a good record of acceptance. In the improvement of decision on the issue of acceptance of the rear can put into use. ( 4) Requirements specification scaffolder, workers should show certificates. ( 5) Strengthen inspection in the process of using and special weather conditions like rain, snow, typhoon before and after inspection. Aluminum alloy scaffolding old-fashioned
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