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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Scaffolding scaffolding 'shenzhen' as mainly hoisting frame work, and the system of hoisting facilities include lifting lever ( Single arm) , hoist, derrick, stage, hanging basket, etc. According to the performance of the construction scaffolding technology selection and set these facilities. Using a laser, need to pay attention to the following points. 1. Steel construction scaffolding is a grid structure, which has good rigidity, good stability. In the conditional place, partial box must first select shape steel construction scaffolding. 2. Fastener type steel tube structure integrity and stability of the scaffold is very poor, should be paid attention to while using it. 。 If is really necessary to use, should calculate and determine the large lifting capacity, choose component construction in strict accordance with the regulations, and strictly implement the corresponding safety technical specifications. 。 Wooden scaffolding is now rarely used, when the height is not high, lifting load is small, can be used. At present, few people use bamboo as a scaffold, so the bamboo is no longer as a crane on the construction site. 3. Scaffolding steel structure (the basis of Shenzhen scaffolding rental prices) Should be handled according to the design requirements. No clear requirements such as design, should be C20 concrete leveling ramming, should not be less than the thickness of surface roughness deviation in mm. 。 Surface roughness deviation should not be greater than 10 mm. 。 4. Wire rope cable wind rope application, when the scaffold height is higher, cable pull contact must be reinforced, so as to avoid dragging cable. The cables don't on unreliable temporary buildings or trees, telephone or other. 5. The installation of lifting device, use the load test ( General test load is greater than the load) The load test ( General test load over using load times) , by checking the check before you can use. Scaffolding to develop in the direction of multi-function, shenzhen scaffolding parts and general trend of vertical lifting equipment is moving toward lightweight high strength structure, standardized, modular and multi-functional direction. Steel pipes used in building more support, in numerous varieties of steel is one of the steel and we close, as the production of steel big country, the people of varieties of steel structure of the people's livelihood improvement road still have a long way to go. At present, the formwork supports system or scaffold design and calculation, the calculation chart USES the hinge node of the steel structure, a variety of material structures, cooperate with hoisting frame in lifting the transport, set a fastener connection pipe, steel pipe stress as the eccentric load, therefore the scene actual situation and the design calculation has quite a difference.
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