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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
One, the overview of the 4 # boiler water wall, running to erection of scaffolding, the overhaul, write this to close in order to ensure the safety measures, strictly enforced. 2, 4 # furnace chamber inside three construction sites, construction preparation before 1. Working ticket, confirmation 2 security measures has been completed. Pipe, pipe clamp, board shipped to the site, and check the qualified. 3. The staff used to tie up wrench safety rope. 4. Seat belt check whether there is rope with the no metamorphism, snap ring crack, spring bounce are in good condition, confirm in good rear can use. Note 1 4, construction safety. To participate in the staff must be in conformity with the relevant provisions of the 'safety', who found drinking, depressed, staff prohibited 2 to take part in the work. It is forbidden to non-work personnel entering the chamber of a stove or furnace. 3. All participants must carefully study the safety and the measures, the signature rear can work. 4. To attend this staff should be flexible, dressed wear soft shoes, and wear personal protective equipment correctly. 5. Use 36 v line lamp illumination in the hearth, and lights outside the transformer must be placed in the chamber. 6. Start erection of riser in a plain, solid, pay attention to when using six riser thirds evenly, make measures to prevent the scaffolding collapsed. 7. Erection of the first step in the shelf, the staff to help good riser, prevent collapse. 8. Erection of scaffolding should be as less able to enable horizontal tube fixed ( Water wall) 。 9. Rope wrench must be used when job security, prevent wrench fall from. 10. When pick up the riser above each layer of not less than 500 mm, to help staff work. 11. To prevent fall from up and down the pipe and pipe clamp, pipe to use artificial pass from top to bottom, pipe clamp to lifting up and down by a rope. 12. Lower staff unified stay in one position, staff should try to stagger the up and down. 13. The upper staff to the good tools, pipe, pipe clamp, beware of falling cuts. 14. Every shelf must be set-up level, so as to lay frame plate. 15. Should be put on the tube on both ends of the frame plate, both ends fixed tightly with wire ( Fixed wire shall not be less than 2 rings) 。 16. Aerial work personnel must use your seat belt, take safety helmet. 17. On or off the shelf should be hold in case of fall. 18. Workers are strictly forbidden to parabolic up and down. 19. Before work is dealt with good working ticket, it is strictly prohibited without tickets or working ticket did not deal with the construction. 20. On site, a single unified chain of command and coordination. 21. Homework must be surrounding rails. 22. When the demolition of frame, frame plate, artifacts are not allowed to throw down. 23. The dismantled scaffold, must adhere to from up and down, the principle of from the inside out. When open a part of, should not make the other part or other structures of a slope collapse. 24. Erection of scaffolding bed surface personnel should stand to the specified location, with frame plate above the isolation. 25. Erection of scaffolding and demolition of frame, full do it, you don't pick me not to put, unified command, the order is clear. Five, the construction organization measures the total charge: Ma Zhiyong now charge: Huang Haiwei security charge: Cao Zhenya participant signature:
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