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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Mindong hot galvanizing plate button poling telephone contact number: 184201503101. 1 construction technology of the scaffold erection of scaffolding, landing process: field leveling, laying solid foundation and concrete pouring to positioning set tong long vertical pole plate, discharge of longitudinal rod sweeps the floor to erect stem, the vertical sweeping rod and poling hooking to horizontal rod sweeps the floor installation, installation and longitudinal rod lateral horizontal pole to install bracing, install the wall a shop - Mr. Safety net - work layer scaffold board and foot. According to the structural requirements in buildings corners with feet measure internal and external vertical distance from the wall, and make the tag. With steel tape straight and upright position, with a small bamboo highlighted a stud. Plate shall be positioned accurately on the line, smooth plate must be laid, shall not be suspended. In the process of erection of the first layer of the scaffold, along every frame around with an inclined support, two-way open around the corner, waiting for the parts and the scaffold and the main structure of the rear wall of a reliable Rachel can be removed. When a step or two even higher than that of scaffolding operational layer wall, temporary stability measures should be taken, until even set-up is a rear wall can be removed. Double bent frame should be set within the first row of poling, stand outside after poling. Poling appropriate to put two in each row, again standing in the middle of the root, look after each other, stand in the middle part of the stud. Double bent inside and outside promulgation and pole attachment with vertical metope. Vertical stem extension, appropriate to stand outside, after stand in line. 1. 2 scaffolding demolition of construction technology of the disassembly procedures shall comply with the top-down, the principle of first build after the demolition, dismantling of the normal order for: safety net - rail - scaffolding to bracing, lateral horizontal pole to longitudinal rod, rod. No discrete surface split or disassemble frame at the same time in the upper and lower two steps. Do it step by step, a rod. Tear open poling, want to embrace poling first, then open the last two buckle. Demolition of longitudinal rod, brace, bracing, should first open the middle buckle, then hold the middle, and end button. All the wall bar and so on must be demolished with scaffolding synchronization, it is strictly prohibited to even the wall again after a whole layer or layers of dismantling scaffolding. Piecewise demolition of elevation difference should not be greater than 2 steps, such as the elevation difference is greater than the step 2, should add the wall reinforcement. Should guarantee the stability of the demolition of a rack body was not damaged, even the wall rod was demolished before, should be added a temporary prop to prevent the deformation and instability. When the last long steel pipe scaffold to lower down the height ( About 6 m) When, should be in place by the temporary reinforcement after even down the wall. Mindong hot galvanizing plate button bar phone
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