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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Aluminum alloy scaffolding as one of the indispensable tools in the construction industry, is now in the subway, hotel, ultra-high buildings, building build-up, home decoration, etc. , have played a big role. So how do scaffold erection? Structures, aluminum alloy scaffolding materials, the need to comply with relevant quality requirements, the foundation is the key, the need to meet the requirements of aluminum alloy scaffolding bearing, and positioned by the construction standard, completes the corresponding drainage measures. It needs to be set up attaches great importance to all kinds of structure: bracing, nodes, etc should be in accordance with the requirement to build; It is forbidden to appear empty plate when installed. And before poling and metope in every four step laying bottom basketry; , the height of the scaffold erection should than the top of the building or operating side 1. More than 5 m, and the need to install the palisade. Some people think that the scaffold is used only when in building construction, so if not learn the professional person or engineer, or engaged in the work of the people could really don't know what is scaffolding, it mainly has what effect? Checked data only to find that, in fact is very common in our real life, just because we don't know what have not seen the scaffold, so we don't know when we see it, it is known as the scaffold. The emergence of the scaffold is undoubtedly brought greatly convenient to the construction industry, today's social development so rapidly, government buildings and private house building, construction when necessary without scaffold, so the scaffold is not to be limited in the future of the future development. Shenzhen tengda aluminum alloy scaffolding, which can effectively ensure the safety of construction personnel, its structure is stable, the equipment is simple, it does not require more maintenance, so you can reduce some economy in use. In addition, doors scaffold can be repeated use, of the works for a long time so we can significantly reduce the cost, and repeated use, don't need too much maintenance, appropriate to check it.
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