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Scaffolding set-up method, machining accuracy, security implications of - to the frame Professional aluminum alloy scaffolding addresses - weifang Industry dynamic - Aluminum alloy scaffold

by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Weifang professional aluminum alloy scaffolding address contact phone number: 18420150310 button scaffold has become the domestic recognized as the safest scaffolding, actually, in addition to the structure design, the button of the wall thickness, good material, high machining accuracy is important, on the other hand. Currently the largest number of button scaffold application, high modulus, heavy load of the project, for greater danger of high formwork, the factors affecting the safety of the frame body in addition to material, wall thickness, the most important thing is that the overall stability of the frame body. Die set design is first calculated vertical rod load and stability, in addition to the computational load, the perpendicularity of the set-up of the stud is one of the key factors. Factors influencing the set-up of verticality poling a, poling product itself if there is a curve for steel pipe scaffold, the longest 6 m a, bending phenomenon is widespread. Button bowl scaffold with wheel scaffold, etc. , up to 3 meters, bend the probability is relatively small, but as a result of wall thickness and material problems, are also common. Button scaffold, due to the vertical rod material for Q345B, high intensity, thickness generally conform to the standard at the same time, so basically there are very few bending phenomenon. Second, the stud end with vertical pole axis perpendicularity rod end verticality above, exaggerated demo, if there are individual stud end face and vertical pole axis is not perpendicular and overall poling verticality deviation. Scaffolding cutting process in machining process, and directly affect the severity of this factor. Traditional scaffolding processing and manufacturing, mostly scattered, chaotic, poor processing plants, use hand pressure cutting machine, cutting steel, although the relevant limit measures, but it is difficult to guarantee machining quality. Moving at the same time, once the limit measures, or workers do not seriously, deviation will be bigger. The button scaffold mostly adopts mechanical cutting, the machining accuracy is relatively high, basic will put an end to human factor's influence on product quality. Any additional steel pipe scaffold, because site cutting phenomenon more and more does not guarantee that, after subsequent turnover for stud set this problem will be more prominent. Other factors, which influence the stability of vertical rod stud link alignment especially tall die set, there are usually more root stem connection. Due to the deviation of the stud link up and down stress area is reduced. Eccentric stud link above the shaded part demonstrate eccentric stud link after poling overlap area of steel pipe scaffold, due to the docking fastener package, deviation is smaller. Bowl of button and the wheel button scaffolding, mostly adopts outer sleeve connection, due to the sleeve diameter and vertical clearance rod diameter is larger, at the same time is generally in the manufacturing process of manual welding on the vertical bar, it is difficult to guarantee and poling coaxial. In addition, due to the coat with thin wall thickness, it is easy to appear deformation, eccentric set-up process is easy to appear in the picture above. Button scaffold, the outer sleeve in general wall thickness 5 mm above, at the same time adopt mechanical processing, sleeve and poling coaxial concentric, owing to the high processing precision, it is not easy to deformation, so the design of the clearance is small, the eccentric connection is superior to the other, to a certain extent the scaffold. Second, beams connected with stud the close degree in addition to the steel pipe scaffold, mostly scaffolding bar end is designed with circular arc connected to stud. Button button bowl of rail wheel node design starting point is good, but in fact, because of the machining accuracy and product quality awareness, tend to build a frame body and design in different ways. Bowl of scaffold, the plug of the casting and forging are relatively good, but later replaced by stamping products, advantages of this design. Wheel button scaffolding, although bowl plug quality is relatively good, but due to the machining accuracy, as well as the connection plate welding verticality, wall thickness caused by bending, etc. , the actual effect of the erection. Button scaffold, the product relative to the machining accuracy is high, the craft is advanced, no big problem. But the erection sequence and method of error will affect, although is not big, but the objective existence. Button scaffold as shown in the above, bolt before coming out, button bar not tiejin poling, hammer on bolt at the same time, bar will move to the left. As is known to all, button at the bottom of the scaffold set-up is the key step, base not adjust before poling level and rail vertical degree, bolt can't out. But after adjustment, if do not pay attention to hammer on the order, will cause certain influence to the horizontal stud tiejin. Button scaffold rail connection as shown in the above, assume that adjust the frame body, after the first rail plug out the red part, because the right side of the frame has been fixed, so will cause the green part of the rail ( Exaggerate the demo) Can't shift to the left, so can't perfect tiejin poling. So the most scientific bolt out of order is from one corner to two side, coming out in sequence. Is likely to be in the process of actual erection of N many workers together, no order. Set-up is very perfect, in theory, if the button frame set, want to add or torn down in the middle of the frame body horizontal bar will be hard to one thing. Because and direction has a cross head spacing, horizontal direction with short arc limit of rail head. Combined with diagonal effect and realize the overall uniformity of a frame body. In fact, the button of the machining accuracy is high, after the erection of gap is very small, this is just a theoretical thinking, and is derived from the erection site to see the real problem and less and less important, but the reality existence. The same quality of a batch plate buckles, bolt after coming out, have different depth, is likely to be due to this reason, rail length is differ, may also be a factor. Weifang professional aluminum alloy scaffolding address
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