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Scaffolding set-up requirements and attention points of - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizha

by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
1, the console scaffold: scaffolding facade scaffolding poling and ground ( Floor) Should be face plate for the base floor type scaffold should be up and down channel ( The stairs) Want to have handrail, ladder board fully sealed,. Console scaffold should be up and down channel ( The stairs) Tongda each layer surface. Scaffold with safety net around all closed, only through a secure channel. Scaffolding PingQiao should pave stencil as scaffolding, bamboo, bamboo board the shop shop no fire, no security. The first PingQiao scaffold ( After every 10 m) Between PingQiao and buildings shall be fully sealed. PingQiao completely full shop scaffolding steel fabric. Every piece of steel fabric are made of iron wire fixed scaffolding set-up of vertical and horizontal to sweep the floor must be in close to the ground rod for more than 24 m high wall of scaffolding and buildings must use rigid connection rod and the junction of poling and main contact distance should not be greater than 30 cm. 2, cantilever scaffold cantilever scaffold sectional should be adopted: from the mechanics analysis, never force clear, reliable node processing. The first PingQiao scaffold ( After every 10 m) Between PingQiao and buildings should be completely sealed. Completely sealed PingQiao to personnel, regular cleaning, lest increase the load. Cantilever beam to install strong, The best welding) Warning colours on the oil production, prevent collisions. 3, a few caveats. The unloading stress is not clear: wire rope hanging bar size, then by rail to the size of the fasteners will force to stud. One thousand fastener fastens its incomplete or failure, the loss of poling support role. Unloading unloading poling, only inner poling not unloading, completely wrong. Scaffolding and useless a PingQiao from top to bottom is sealed between buildings, is a big security hidden danger. Unloading of steel wire rope not use & other; Flange & throughout; Adjust the firmness of its, but with the line card to replace, error!
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