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Scaffolding set-up without regret, safety scaffolding, scaffold, steel tube scaffold - Jiangsu Shizhan scaffold project

by:Shizhan     2020-09-28
Scaffolding at http://www. atjsj。 Com erection of safety requirements you know? Small make up it says it is now set-up safety requirements. 1, the erection of scaffolding need according to the design requirements. 2, after each take a step of scaffolding, should calibration interval, longitudinal distance, horizontal distance and verticality of stud. 3, base placed shall meet the following requirements: 1) Base plate, plate shall be accurately on the positioning line. 2) Plate appropriate USES length of not less than 2 across, thickness of not less than 50 mm wood plate, channel steel and other materials may be adopted. 4, poling build-up shall meet the following requirements: 1) It is strictly prohibited to 48 mm outside diameter mixed with 51 mm steel pipe used. 2) Docking fastener adjacent stud shall not be in the same height, stagger distance should comply with the specified requirements.
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