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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Scaffold in the construction, is an indispensable important tool, one thousand scaffolding fails, often caused many serious injuries. Therefore, for a variety of scaffolding need strict control, will mark the good six way carefully. : 1, the material, in strict accordance with the procedures stipulated by the quality, specification to choose material. 2, size: need according to the rules of interval size up to set up the pole, cross bar, bridging, railings, etc. : 3, ceiling board needs to be spread, must not have space and probe plate, fly the springboard, and often clear plate sundry, keep clean, flat and level. Wooden plank thickness need up to 5 cm. Scaffolding: 4, bar, lateral and ramps on both sides need to have 1 cm high fence and set net. 5, connection: need scissors and supported by the regulation, higher than 7 cm scaffolding needs and building links and firm, to the scaffold not shake. 6, bearing clearance: scaffolds uniformly distributed load shall not exceed the kg/m2. Pile of bricks on the scaffolding allow only single side put three layers. Used for decoration engineering load for kg/m2. Other scaffolding ( Bridges, hanging basket, mounts, etc. ) It is necessary to determine bearing load, through calculation and test such as overloading should take reinforcement measures in order to ensure safety. Scaffolding shall meet the following security requirements: ( 1) Frame structure stability, construction unit no shortage of basic stable architecture rod parts; Whole set by the regulation diagonal bracing, even the wall or brace, pull and parts; In the channel, the mouth of the cave, and other needs to increase size ( Height, span) Or ChaoGuiDing under load, according to the need to set up to strengthen bar or structure. ( 2) Reliable connection nodes, bar intersect position conform to the stipulations of the node structure; The installation of attachment and fastening force conform to requirements. ( 3) Scaffolding tube welding lap according to design requirements or docking, end fastener cover plate edge to the distance should not be less than the mm rod end, lap joint should be not less than 2 a fixed rotating buckle, when no specification of the lap length should not be less than 50 cm ( Formwork support frame pole lap length should be not less than 1 m) 。
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