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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Fast loading aluminum alloy button scaffolding supplier contact phone number: 18420150310 don't know whether each friend, found that we can have a lot of situations of construction scaffolding stampings, can say the product is the use of scope is quite widespread. However, regardless of the scaffolding parts stamping is a kind of architecture for which, in use, we all need to pay attention to, at the time of deposit should pay attention to the correct storage methods, in order to prevent corrosion. So, when we ran into problems such as how to deal with? In fact, about the use of scaffolding stamping parts, we have certain requirements. Such as the corrosion depth and the degree of bending deformation on the surface of the product must be within the scope of the regulations of the state, to allow, can be used. Moreover, corrosion inspection should keep the once a year. At the time of inspection, must choose three from the severe corrosion products, then check that the corrosion situation, if more than the specified value, can be not used again. Are there will be such a request, it is because once the scaffolding stamping the corrosion problems, so its using performance will decline, become fragile, especially metal material will be very vulnerable in the wake of a corrosion phenomenon. So, when using, will bring us a lot of the same and the negative impact. So, in daily work, we must pay attention to take some measures to try to avoid this problem, and do a good job in checking if it is found that can't use, must be timely replacement. In addition, also need to remind the user's friends, when we use scaffolding stampings, not allowed to punch holes on the surface, may not break steel tube smashed or scratches. In the construction of the said I bad, should take put down gently, not allowed to throw the place. When stacking, should be well organized, and take certain rust prevention measures. Finally, we also need to be aware of one aspect, is in daily work, it is important to note that when the bolt tightening torque of 65 n. M, scaffolding stamping parts should still keep a good performance, shall not be destroyed. Fast loading aluminum alloy plate buckles scaffolding supplier
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