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by:Shizhan     2020-08-29
Scaffold outside a, 1, floor console scaffold outside the foundation should be flat to consolidate, scaffold outside the basis along the length direction set plate, plate material can use wooden planks or channel steel, etc. ; 2, 150 mm at the bottom of the vertical rod set to sweep the floor, longitudinal rod sweeps the floor on the ground, the transverse rod sweeps the floor, all are connected to the vertical bar; Install drain all round 3, scaffolding, USES the organized drainage; 4, scaffolding stud base is not the same height, the vertical rod sweeps the floor must be high to extend to the lower two across and vertical rod is fixed, high and low difference is not greater than 1 m, stand on the slope at the top of the stem axis to slope distance should be not less than 500 mm. 2 inside and outside scaffolding protection 1, special construction plan shall be compiled, and carry on the examination and approval, steel pipes, fasteners and so on comes into play for its inspection certificate, and the sampling; 2, scaffolding steel tube should be horizontal even vertical, passed to the location of the main rail cannot exceed Angle of 200 mm, small bar length exposed portion should be uniform, 3, scaffolding stud should be distributed evenly, generally is 1500 mm, the ledger should maintain a level, usually is 1800 mm, each column scaffolding shall set up tall, usually for 600 mm and 1200 mm high; 4, scaffolding lateral hung close eye safety net, scaffolding plugins poling yellow paint surface, every one or two groups of bracing skirting board, set up a 200 mm fixed on the outside of poling, skirting board surface yellow warning color black paint; 5, the master node must set a lateral horizontal pole, with a right-angle fastener hooking and it is forbidden to dismantle; 6, acceptance before use, hanging qualified figure. Third, cantilever scaffold 1, special construction plan shall be compiled, and the examination and approval, segment erection of more than 20 m organization expert for scheme comparison; 2 cantilever beam and cantilever scaffold must choose more than 16 # i-steel, the anchor end of the cantilever beam should be greater than the length of the cantilever end 1. 25 times, cantilever length according to the requirement of design; 3, floor trunking Φ 20 u screw, each beam set Φ 16 cable is serve as insurance; 4, i-steel, anchor screw, suspension wire rope specifications, model on the basis of design calculations to determine; 5, the scaffold should be according to the specification requirements to set along the vertical and horizontal sweep the floor at the bottom of the pole, the surface should be added on the cantilever beam with fixed stud welding steel, along the length direction of scaffolding over the rail laying the wood, and shielding wall-to-wall template; 6, scaffolding poling inside should be set at the bottom of the skirting board of 200 mm high, should be used at the bottom of the hard material are closed; Four, adherent scaffold 1, adhesive lifting scaffolding using unit should sign and have professional qualification unit, professional subcontract the qualifications to undertake the design and manufacture all kinds of adhesive lifting scaffolding installation and construction, secondary qualification may undertake below 80 m adhesive lifting scaffolding design and manufacture of installation and construction. 2, special construction plan shall be compiled by professional contractors for examination and approval, reported to the audit units used, the strict control of straight line segments span no more than 7000 mm, outside the line segment measuring span shall not exceed 5400 mm; 3, high rack body and product support span shall not be greater than 110 m2; 4, the overall promotion scaffold after installation, installation unit should be self-checking, project representatives of supervision units, construction units and the technology of head of the assessment team all installed units, common acceptance, sign and issue the acceptance advice; 5, after each lift, construction, installation unit must be safety device, insurance facilities, improve the system to conduct a comprehensive inspection, conform to the requirements and cover line after the signing formalities, may work to use.
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