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Scaffolding steel pipe mills were fighting, how to consolidate their position? Pieces pieces of scaffolding steel pipe steel pipe scaffold - Jiangsu Shizhan

by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
Although in 2013 has come to an end to the competitiveness of hong kong-listed, but still did not stop time, life goes on. In this scaffolding steel pipe steel industry & other; War & throughout; Has entered the phase of quietly, left. Scaffolding steel pipe mills will from what respect to consolidate his position? http://www。 atjsj。 com/products- 细节。 asp吗? Cpid = 22 and, not lax attitude, combined with the environmental protection consciousness in the two months of 2013 are deep, the pressure surge to the public, the government is also YanZhi not idle. Now for the demand ratio is bigger, shelf tube market is low, the policy expected far lower than in previous years, the market was repressed, it can switch to its northern winter. In such a background and status quo of the recent steel companies annual reports to conjecture, scaffolding steel pipe mills for this year's main trend may have several: a, speed up structural adjustment and technology upgrade in the backward production capacity, environmental protection as the main body, industry losses of extremely low, and the environment is under, gives steel structure adjustment and technology upgrade, and stand out in such an environment, the road to return to profit at an early date. Second, take market share when the industry back into the superior abuse tide period, market pattern of the cake will be redrawn, and the actual conditions of steel companies to seize market share, at the same time can also accelerate industry internal competition, accelerating industry reshuffle. Three and merit sales channels in the current through sales no longer has a comparative advantage, various sales channels will occupy the market, the steel mills in order to profit will to choose the right means of marketing. To last year's sales approach and the corresponding proportion of profit, direct selling become steel companies better marketing. But this to take a back seat doesn't mean giving up, and in the jump line will also reshuffle of choice between steel trade, traders and steel mills, build new partnerships, still give priority to with the way. Redistribution of the four, capital and accelerate the operation 2013 counter-balanced by the steel trade business run events, at the same time to steel companies involved in the peer, and industry news. Most markets have said this is to make up for the steel mills profit loss, not only so, still can make up for the disadvantages of capital running slow. It's all about to the enterprise operation rate and accelerate the capital operation, thus in finance, capital operation cycle shorter business situation will become better. In the present circumstances, all sorts of opportunities will appear a turnaround in the special industry profit, the scaffolding steel pipe mills will quickly make a corresponding adjustment, and choose the suitable way to develop, also don't forget that in the process of crowding out with such a rival, therefore also to peer inside the industry will have a better chance and challenge.
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