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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Aluminum scaffolding contact phone number: 18420150310 scaffolding steel tube straightening machine for our building materials market in China has made no small contribution. Take the form of a recent, for instance, recently we met through the process of building materials industry in the building material flow fluent association index, in October last year is 121. 18%, landing in a 1. 63%, year-on-year increase 1. 81%. The time in the stage of selling well, building materials industry market has a is not the same with previous years on the scene rise sharply. Fluency building industry association an expert thought in September and October, the rise of small, not as in previous years, golden nine silver ten prosperous not seem as quick past age increase, the building materials industry market promotion after the result is not very significant. On landing, also raised the building materials industry market is entering fallow now. According to the statistics show that land 26. Commercial housing sold 9% in October, landed 9. 9%. Index for 100. 27 for October GuoFang hair to sell, is lower than in September 0. Since the low 14%, the coming 2 years. Real estate situation down gradually, and all the building materials industry has formed a certain attack. And violation of rooms 10 million sets, will be opened this year, will enter decorate period, it has certain promotion influence to the building materials, choosing purchasing capital is expected to generate inevitably affected, for building materials industry is a new beginning, for scaffolding steel tube straightening machine is a new peak demand. Aluminum scaffolding
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