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by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
Scaffolding structure exists because of the different degree of bar set up and the node and connection structure is not strict, Can not meet the normal engineering steel structure demand) , support conditions ( Base, floor, the ground) And installation quality, Structure size and vertical and horizontal deviation) Difficult to control, pole ( Structure) Parts easy to deformation, corrosion, wear, contamination and build-up, use more casual and outdoor use, such as the bad working conditions, such as to make it shall increase the safety of the design. Bowl multi-function scaffold is now is wide used in a building steel construction industry, it is a kind of absorbing the domestic and foreign advanced joints and fittings of the same kind of foot hand process on the basis of the research and development, in addition to steel pipe sections and bowl of scaffold fittings, mainly can be divided into the bowl, plate, bowl, bar on vertical shaft sleeve, casting Angle, wheel disc, wheel, u-shaped card, right-angle fastener, docking fastener and so on many kinds of accessories. Bowl buckle scaffold with joint structure is reasonable, the craft is simple, easy to use, to adapt to the wide scope of fan, can meet the requirements of a variety of building construction. Keywords: scaffold
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