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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Rain and snow, when high scaffolding, reliable antiskid, cold and antifreezing measures should be taken. All water, ice and frost,. Shall be cleared of snow. High-rise buildings, to the above operations should be set in advance lightning protection facilities. In case of level 6 or more strong wind and heavy fog weather, may be undertaken super high operation, outdoor climbing and hung up high in the homework. After the storm and typhoon rainstorm, high operation safety facilities in check, found that there are loose, the phenomenon such as deformation, damage or loss, shall promptly repair is perfect. Near a discharge of poisonous and harmful gas and dust place to vent pipe or chimney, when high disc type button scaffolding, bases of toxicant concentration should be in the range of the allowable concentration and take effective protective measures. Under the emergency state, contingency plans in accordance with the charged high homework should meet the requirements of GB/T 13869. Scaffolding work involves the temporary electricity utilization, shall meet the requirements of JCJ46. Disc type button scaffolding high homework should keep in contact with the ground, according to the contact site is equipped with the necessary tools, and appoint someone who's in charge of contact. Especially in dangerous chemicals production, storage or nearby, when working with the position of the vent pipe of higher for workers with the necessary protective equipment ( Such as air breathing apparatus, gas mask or respirator filter type, etc. ) Should be in advance with workshop manager or foreman ( Director on duty) Contact, to determine the contact and contact fill in the column 'type' of supplementary measures.
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