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Scaffolding tower demolition hazard identification and control counter measures Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shiz

by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Dangerous point type control counter measures to prevent the irregularities of the scaffold erection and removal of collapsed to fall, and objects, other damage, 1) Scaffolding must standardize, binding should be firmly, put an end to & other; Short plate & throughout; 。 ( 2) The ends of the scaffold, the corner, and every six & ndash; 7 main stem and bracing, Angle between the strut, bracing, and ground should not be greater than 60. , scaffold height every 4 m, setting level every 6 m and building a strong connection. ( 3) Steel stud ( The main stem) Spacing of 1. 5m; Big bar spacing of 1. 2m; Small bar spacing for 1 m ( 4) Scaffolding should be spread, there should be no gap and head plate, scaffolding and metope distance & le; 20cm; Scaffolding lap length should be & ge; 20cm; The corner planks should be staggered lap; Scaffold board laid smoothly and tie, unevenness using wood cushion flat nail up, not brick mat; A rack and scaffolding shall be conducted by outward in order by 2, homework should be tied to the safety belt, consists of a safety net. ( 5) Acceptance by the department of construction and use of deliverables and listed on the rear. ( 6) Dismantled scaffold, must set up the security fence, determine the warning area, hang up warning signs, and specify the guardian should order from top to bottom, not up and down at the same time dismantle; Prohibit the scaffolding down whole; Remove the frame material is passed, shall not be thrown. ( 7) High homework personnel must be correctly wear and use protective equipment, safety belt should be hung on the strong strong advocate material or objects, and check whether the belay, not low hanging high. The outer edge of the scaffold, ramps, platform without safety protection measures, falling, the outer edge of the object body blow to the scaffold, ramps, platform should be set to 1. 5 m high railing and 18 cm high foot or protective set net, at the edge of the face near the electric facilities department closed measures should be taken to the ground the scaffold height more than 24 m no design calculations to collapse more than 24 m floor scaffold should carry on the design and calculation of scaffold scheme without examination and approval, the erection work do not make disclosure collapse scaffolding set-up construction scheme can only be carried out after approval, scaffolding, safety technical disclosure must be conducted before operation. Poling based to consolidate foundation is not solid formation collapse poling flat Rachel not standard, set up strong, not according to standard rules set bracing scaffolding collapse should be according to the engineering construction needs and carrying weight, according to the rules of the erection. Special open separate method and safety measures of field use scaffolding tight safety net is not in conformity with the product standards, without inspection certificates, falling objects, hit the scene using dense mesh net due production license and product certificate and check regularly. Storm, typhoon and flood season before and after, not to the construction site of the tower crane, lift, derrick, scaffolding and spin the power facilities such as line inspection, repair, reinforcement mechanical injury, electric shock, other damage in accordance with the provisions in the storm, typhoon, flood season before and after, to the construction site of the tower crane, derrick, scaffolding and construction of the power supply facilities for inspection, maintenance, reinforcement, to ensure the safe use of scaffolding plank under lead wire bundle, the four corners and unused, and scaffolding lateral not set federated eye network, falling scaffolding full shop, four corners with lead wire binding, scaffold outside with federated eye network, close intervals of 3 m high with a AnQuanPing network construction scaffolding materials do not conform to the standard before the collapse of scaffolding, should choose the material of good material and specifications, the fir pole do bearing scaffold is strictly prohibited. A scaffolder a demolition operations erection of scaffolding should be collapsed by trained and set-up, and who, for a operation certificate, a professional scaffolding can only take the disassembly and maintenance, anyone not allowed to dismantle and destroy any part of the scaffold by demolition workers did not admire set-up personnel safety protection appliance falls and other injuries required dress neatly, complete security protection products to wear
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