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by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
Construction safety, the safety of the scaffold is top priority! , constitute a scaffold safety factors, there are three aspects of the scaffold itself is safe and reliable; The second is the scaffold safety protection measures; Three is to use scaffolding safety operation. This article will elaborate the above three factors. Scaffolding structure in terms of safety and reliability of the scaffold should have enough robustness and stability, in rules allow load and climate condition, can guarantee the stability of the scaffold structure, do not shake, small sway, tilt, subsidence, collapse. To ensure safe and reliable scaffolding, should ensure that the following basic requirements: 1. Stability of frame structure. Construction units shall be the stability of architecture form; The frame body according to the rules set diagonal, shear brace, even the wall, pull rod or hang on. The channel structure sizes, the mouth of the cave, and other ( Height, span) Or rules under load, according to the need to set up to strengthen bar or poles. 2. Reliable connection nodes. Bar cross position to comply with the regulations of node structure. The installation of fittings and fastening conform to requirements. Scaffold point, supporting point and even the wall hanging ( Crane) Point needs to be set in the structure of something to reliably under tensile load, structural calculation when necessary. 3. Scaffolding foundation should be strong enough. Keywords: scaffold
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