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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Party a: party b: tianjin kaisun scaffolding leasing company construction site: in order to ensure the safety of construction personnel and construction, in order to ensure the quality and safety of the scaffold erection convenient use, of safety first, prevention first, through mutual consultation between both parties reach the agreement as follows: a, party b must obey party a unified leadership and organization, and consciously accept supervision from the party a to check and comply with all rules and regulations and requirements of party a, actively cooperate with party a's requirements to guide the whole process of the scaffold erection. Second, party b must be in accordance with the requirements of national standard and the acceptance standard of construction, operational procedures and technical requirements carefully organize, the careful construction, to ensure the quality of the scaffold erection of strong, safe and easy to use. Three namely scaffolder must hold relevant certificates, the operator, climbing into the construction site must wear safety helmet, fasten your seat belt, and scaffolding in accordance with the specifications and technical safety standards for the erection. Four, no drunken aerial work, scaffolder is allowed to wear slippers, easy to slippery shoes and barefoot construction work, on-site construction personnel are not allowed to smoke and play more or is not allowed. Five, a set full-time security officer, firmly establish a safety first; Construction personnel to enter the scene, must carry out safety education, and consciously accept the supervision and inspection of party a during construction to ensure construction safety, found hidden danger immediately organize the rectification. Six, to ensure the qualified material approach, scaffolding outbound strictly carry on proper, welding, and virtual welding deformation, open the door of the type rack it is forbidden to enter the erection. All fracture, smooth silk card buckle, is strictly prohibited springboard forbidden probe laid, federated eye network, full of hanging. Seven, scaffolding, after approved by party a the eligible consign is used. Eight, party b shall strictly fulfill the obligations, illegal operation, not from party b caused by construction according to operation procedures should the party b shall be responsible for the accident. Nine, using scaffolding for the construction, party a shall not, without tear open change scaffolding contact and reinforcement points, more not illegal operation, every presents safety accidents due to these reasons, after ten, the agreement was signed by the party a is responsible for party b to enter the site erection and construction completed, terminate the agreement when the exit. Eleven, agreement in duplicate, party a and party b each hold one copy. Twelve, supplementary provisions: party a ( Chapter) Party b ( Chapter) Responsible: head to sign:
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