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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
1, have high blood pressure, heart disease, epilepsy, dizzy gao, eyesight not enough is not suitable for high homework personnel, shall not be engaged in aerial work. 2, scaffolder should show certificates, held the field operation certificate of personnel in Beijing area during operations, shall exchange for Beijing issued by the 'special operations personnel temporary operation card', is an independent for operation; Personnel who hold the certificate learning may not be engaged in aerial operations alone. 3, scaffolder must wear ppe before operation, take the tool bag, check whether the tool bag is in good condition. When working for more than 2 meters high must fasten your seat belts, seat belts must be hung on solid objects. To 4, scaffolding materials, fasteners and so on must comply with the requirements of the state, after acceptance to use; Application in haul rope or manual transmission, up and down may not throw. 5, scaffolding operating side lateral should set two insulation bar, and a foot, or set a protective bar, hanging safety net, the mouth sealed. Protective height should be 1. 5m. Set-up more than 4 m should be 6, shelves and wall, can not have the probe plate and fly the springboard, the erection of 15 meters above the tic-tac-toe frame should establish cable wind rope. Various shelves must be in accordance with the provisions of poling, cross bar, bridging, insulation column spacing size set up joint should be staggered. Around 7, when the demolition of frame, should be set up warning signs, and establish modes, prohibit others to enter the assignments section. 8, when demolition should be performed sequentially, top-down, step by step, not up and down operation at the same time. 9, scaffolding foundation must consolidate and drainage measures; Stud again on the base, bottom after 5 cm of the springboard, tie rod sweeps the floor, and should be able to rule out the rain. High-level scaffolding foundation should be calculated, reinforcement measures. 10, the inside layer scaffold board and wall distance shall not be greater than 15 cm; Lateral must build two insulation bar and file foot, or hang a safety net mouth sealing up. More than 10 meters scaffolding, should be in the operational layer frame build-up next a layer of scaffolding, scaffolding the lower layer levels safety net, to ensure safety. 11, scaffolding must ensure that the vertical deformation. Stud the vertical deviation is not more than 1/400 of the rack high; Large and small bar allows deflection for 1/150 of the bar length. 12, scaffolding must be scaffolding set-up, security technology operating rules for more than 15 meters high above the top of scaffolding, must have the design, calculation and detailed, the erection scheme, technology and other relevant departments at the next higher level for examination and approval, before the erection. 13, for danger, and special crane, pick, hang, socket, stacking shelves, and must pass design and the examination and approval, preparation of safety technical measures alone, is able to build. After 14, scaffolding, must go through the inspection of qualified acceptance signature that can be put into use. Hanger should also can be put into use after load test. 15, the operation of the scaffold surface must be put with scaffolding plank, the distance from the wall shall not be greater than 20 cm, can not have gaps, probe plate and the springboard, scaffolding joint must be a double row of small bar, two small bar spacing shall not be greater than 30 cm; Must be kept clean often clear the clutter on the plate, flat and level. The operational layer has a slope, scaffolding must be firm and a small bar binding. 16, scaffolding must establish bracing, firm must according to the floor and walls, each layer to pull contact horizontal distance shall not exceed six meters. 17, the load shall not exceed the stipulated, pile of bricks on the scaffolding, allow only single side swing three layers. 18, scaffolding is higher than the lightning protection facilities must be installed around the lightning rod, grounding resistance shall not be less than 10 ohms. Near the electric equipment erection of scaffolding should be a power outage; It is forbidden to cross 35 kv and above electric equipment; 10 kv electric equipment under horizontal distance shall not be less than three meters. 19, special shelf heads, don't bar should comply with the regulation, should be carefully check before operation. 20, new must have a product quality inspection certificates, old network must be allowed to use the certificate or qualified inspection records. 21, when installation, on the department of each node, rope and supports ( Frame) On tight, connected by an independent tether, the uniform distribution of node delay nets the distance shall not be greater than 75 cm. Node should comply with the knot is convenient, after the connection is firm and easy to solve, force and the principle of not out. Have reinforced rope net when installation, must put the steel rope connected to the support, Frame) On. 22, installing a flat screen, neighboring part should fasten or overlap, same as the network connection string material, shall not be lower than the net twine strength; Installation should be observed outside low, flat screen is 15 degrees, network should not be tight. 23 when installing set net, besides must meet the above requirements, installing plane should be vertical, horizontal and vertical safety net bottom must be sealed with scaffolding. 24, must ensure that safety net force uniform, the network without sundry. 25, safety net installed, must be inspected by the relevant personnel to be qualified after being signed before using. 26, dismantle safety net must be carried out under the close supervision of experienced staff. Network should be from the top down, fall prevention measures should be taken at the same time.
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