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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Table C2 safety technical disclosure - # 1 encoding name clarificaiton date year month day construction engineering unit dry hanging component project name marble homework clarificaiton feed disclosure content: 1. Before the homework personnel must by the entrance education examination qualified rear can mount guard operation; 2. Homework personnel to enter the construction site must wear qualified helmet, fasten the frontal zone, with lock; It is forbidden to ChiBei wear slippers; 3. No smoking, people working after drinking, ban on the construction site chase scenes; 4. High ( More than 2 meters) Homework must be qualified safety belts, hang, hang low with high, should wear non-slip shoes, should be put on hand tools in the tool bag; 5. Used in the construction of electric tools and electrical equipment, shall conform to the current national standard 'technical specification for construction site temporary electricity safety JGJ46 - - The provisions of the 2005; 6. Scaffold erection, dismantle and flap in the process of construction, must by licensed professional operation. Scaffolding, should be strong, experienced qualified before use. High-rise building scaffold should construction project, and shall have the stress calculation. Scaffolding, activity scaffolding fixed should both comply with safety standards. Scaffold material piling neat pattern, and shall not be piled up, the operator shall not be centralized operation, stable material tools to place, to prevent falling objects. Place shall not exceed the provisions of the scaffold material weight load. Scaffolding shall be fixed tightly, can not have the probe plate. Lateral scaffolds shall be hung with federated eye network, the operational layer should fortify the guardrail, and set up 18 cm block baseboard entrances should be set-up helmet tent; 7. The various tools used in the construction, High ladder, benches, etc. ) , machinery should conform to the requirements of the relevant provisions, for the operation, to ensure safety, the larger stones when handling pay attention to safety, to prevent hand, more than 20 kg weight must be by 2 people operation; 8. The special type of work such as electricity, gas welding operation personnel shall hold relevant certificates, equipped with labor protection articles. And strict management system, with fire prevention fire accident; 9. Strong winds and heavy rain weather, outdoor work may be undertaken; 10. Construction waste shall be packaged pickup, forbidden drops down from the shelf; 11. Insulating gloves should be worn when using a hand-held electric tools, and is equipped with a leakage protection device. Night mobile lighting should be adopted during the construction of 36 v low voltage power supply, power supply cord must use rubber sheathed cables. Review the accept disclosure disclosure to the people
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