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by:Shizhan     2020-08-28
Unit project name (of wuhua garden show park Taoyuan park) Project disclosure date partial name rubble stone retaining wall engineering, safety technical clarificaiton production team name clarificaiton people accept safety disclosure content: 1, enter the construction site, must wear a helmet, forbidden to wear slippers, it is forbidden to bring a child into site; After 2, it is strictly prohibited to spill into the construction site, it is forbidden to fight, steal; 3 must be checked before operation, the working environment is in line with the safety requirements, the road was clear, the tools are in good condition and firm, security facilities and protective equipment is complete, the inspection qualified rear can construction; 4, take freestone, should first take high, low, after preventing freestone crib collapsed and hurt; 5, the rubble with the cart on flat road shall not be less than 2 meters apart, before and after the upper slope should be less than 10 meters; 6, it is strictly prohibited to pull disorderly wiring and use all kinds of mechanical equipment of the construction site; 7 pile of rubble on scaffolding, not more than 3 pieces, the same piece of scaffolding operators must not exceed 2 people; 8, are not allowed to stand in line on the top of the wall, iron or clean up the metope, etc. ; 9, are not allowed to be stood more than chest wall masonry, on to avoid collisions with the walls collapse or under rubble when I dropped in, cause safety accidents; 10, building height more than 1. 2 meters, temporary scaffold erection of laying. The scaffold must be smooth and firm, scaffold height more than 2. 5 meters, net AnQuanPing; 11, masonry scaffolding to build strong, operation platform, laid a reliable. Banning the use of steel tube, plum, authors such as the fairy frame operation; 12, prohibit disorderly still items during work, MAO stones cannot be cut out, must cut inside, beware of falling injury; 13, masonry lands of ash and debris stone should timely clean piles, loading or bagging, are strictly prohibited from the shelf behind; 14, if discover potential safety problems in the construction process, construction workers may refuse to; 15, drain installation construction in strict accordance with the drawings.
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