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Selects the scaffolding, safety technical clarificaiton - 2010 Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu sh

by:Shizhan     2020-09-08
Disclosure content: 1, the operator must hold relevant certificates, abide by rules of safe operation, it is strictly prohibited to illegally drink and homework. 2, the proper use of labor protection articles, high work wearing your seatbelt. 3, the support bar type carry scaffolding, erection of height is generally not more than 6 m, erection of width of 1. 0 to 1. 2m。 4, pick beam scaffold, generally can build double bent frame, pedestal fixed on the cantilever beam structure, the set-up to 20 steps up to 20 ~ 30 m. 5, diagonal strut brace or indoor ground on Windows and doors hole wall, bottom supporting strong, top with cantilever bar clasp knot firmly. 6, sets up the rod bent shall set up a tie, no more than 6 m a along the height direction. To ensure stable poling were bent. 7, high bent frame lateral and end binding 1. 5 m fence and set net. 8, big and small bar spacing of 1 respectively. 2 m and 1. 0 m springboard homework layer should be paved with lock. 9, the choice of beam bent when beam spacing greater than 2. 0 m should be set up picking on the rack beam, its span is 6 m: general use 18 ~ 20 beams or 20 ~ 22 channels. 10, pick Liang Yiduan should be installed in can bear the load of the structure of the site, the other available lever or rope to pull the structure and is equipped with adjustable bolt. 11, choice of Danny rod and beam type take solid measures or the cross rod body, with frost in the vertical pole of the pole, ensure the stability of pick at the bottom of the frame. 12, found unsafe factors in the work, can suspend operation and make disasters report. 13 and pick load test should be done after finished the scaffold erection, then organize acceptance, qualified rear can use.
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