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by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
We know of any construction material in a focal point to note when using operating norms, in strict accordance with the standard operation can we ensure the personal safety of workers, here small make up is simple and everybody know about the scaffolding in structures, the matters needing attention when 1, before the scaffold erection, shall be determined according to the characteristics of the type of work and the construction technology of build-up, content should include: set-up requirements, distance between bar and foundation treatment, even the wall pole position setting, connection methods, and map drawing and details. 2, scaffolding, authors calculated height more than rules. ( - table 1 construction scaffolding, size, design and calculate the corresponding bar can no longer. But even the wall and poling foundation bearing capacity should be based on the actual load such as design calculation and drawing construction drawing. ( 2) When the erection height in 25 to 50 m, deal with scaffolding to strengthen overall stability from the structure. Continuous Settings, such as longitudinal bracing need increase the lateral bracing, even the wall rod strength increase, narrow spacing, and in windy areas for the scaffold erection height more than 40 m, considering the wind vortex over power, should be in the set level even the wall at the same time, should also rise over flow resistance role even wall measures, to ensure the safety of the use of scaffolding. ( 3) When the erection height more than 50 m, can adopt double stud strengthen or by subsection load, along the high block the scaffolding and scaffolding full use wire rope hanging beam slab structure, the scaffolding, part of the load to the building; Set-up, or by subsection will paragraphs scaffolding to load borne by building out of the cantilever beam, frame, and the design calculation. ( 4) To the design and calculation of shenzhen tengda scaffolding needs in conformity with the relevant provisions of the scaffold of the specification, and the enterprise technical director for approval. 3, scaffolding construction scheme should be consistent with construction site erection of scaffolding types, when field so change scaffold types, need to modify the scaffold scheme and after examination and approval, before the construction.
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