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Set up the stage truss correctly and prepare for

by:Shizhan     2020-05-25
No matter in which large-scale performance event, we really need truss. Aluminum alloy stage truss plays a very important role in various performances and is related to the safety of the performers and even the audience. Therefore, the correct construction of aluminum alloy stage truss has become the top priority in the performance work. During the company's celebrations, annual meetings, communication meetings, etc., all kinds of incredible emergencies are encountered. At this time, a very stable stage truss is required. The most important thing to build a truss correctly is to ensure the coordination of each part and each part of the truss. Do n’t neglect it, avoid forgetting to install a certain part, and all kinds of equipment must be foolproof. Before that, a very thorough investigation must be carried out to ensure the stability and firmness of the truss. Aluminum alloy stage truss There are a few points to note when constructing stage trusses: Must choose high-quality stage truss, because our truss is the skeleton of the stage is a very important construction, indispensable, without this truss there is no way to show the dazzling and colorful effect that the audience wants. The size of the stage has a lot to do with the products of the truss, and quality is the top priority. The design of the stage is also a very important step. In the process of designing the stage, the load-bearing capacity and firmness of the truss must be measured. Do not let the stage with too many decorations placed on it. Everything must be safe. The design and construction of stage truss must fully consider the viewing needs of our audience. The angle and height are very important. Confirm all angles! Aluminum alloy stage truss ???Finally, there are many ways to build stage lighting stands, but we also need to pay special attention to these safety measures to prevent the occurrence of stage safety accidents, but also for the smooth progress of stage activities.
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