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by:Shizhan     2020-09-30
Scaffolding for the construction industry is particularly important, especially in the construction, the quality of the steel pipe scaffold is a matter of personal safety of workers, thus, steel tube scaffold structures, it is how important. Steel pipe scaffold mainly based on steel material production, in the build-up of high-level scaffolding, adopted by the various materials must conform to the requirements of the quality; Basic need, before the erection of the calculation, satisfies the requirement of load, and according to the construction specification build-up, completes the drainage measures; Tube scaffolding set-up technology requirements should comply with the relevant rules, need to attach great importance to all kinds of structural measures: bridging, node and so on should be set according to the requirement; The erection shall be higher than the top of the building or operating level 1. More than 5 m, and added a palisade. To sum up, for the construction of the steel pipe scaffold information, has been in temporary sharing here small make up today, dear friends and need to consult, please contact our company.
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