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Set up your door scaffold, began to work, a. a. subway doors scaffold scaffold mobile scaffolding - Jiangsu Shizhan

by:Shizhan     2020-09-30
Set up your door scaffold, everyone work, ensure the smooth operation of the life. , when it set up, it's from each frame and spacing should be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions to architecture, generally in the installation, it's from 1. 8 meters, and its spacing when making sure generally is determined according to the load and construction conditions, and its floor each other their spacing is 1. 2 meters. , gantry scaffolding when making up, need to pay attention to its ladder model, the height of the frame formwork support good don't choose to use the adjustable base, so that in the process of use is not fixed. Third, the door type will be used for vertical beam axis of scaffolding, when it was configured to it must pay attention to the door frame spacing between the erection equipment should be in 1. 8 meters, but also undertake choosing according to its load under the condition of specific spacing. When it is parallel to the erection, attention should be paid to its two door frame to be able to have very good connections, usually in connection with cross braces or horizontal connecting rod in the two ways is fixed. Your doors scaffold erection? Rest assured to use it.
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