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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Safety net is one of construction sites and other places of the work high above the common protective equipment, although it is humble, but plays an important role which cannot be ignored. If you want to fully bring into play the function of safety net fall prevention, need according to specification method install it correctly, the following to understand understand specific methods. Safety net safety protection method of use: 1. Outside the scaffold construction, scaffold should be in accordance with the provisions, setting the type safety set net, safety net installed in the outside stand in the side of the pole. Lashing safety nets must be used to meet the requirements will be net around every 45 cm ( Each ring asked every) Fasten on the pole. 2. In construction of feet in the hand, on the outside of buildings from 10 cm erection of single row scaffolding, with buildings ( Above the surface 1. 5m) With safety net. 3. When lifting scaffolding or cantilever scaffold construction is used, in addition to the lifting scaffold with safety net or cantilever scaffold outside the closed, also deal with lower exposed in the framework of building doors and Windows and other holes and between edge, according to the standard protection by the protection. 4. Scaffolding frame body sealing requirements: when the job of scaffold board without protective layer, layer should be close to the homework set a layer of flat screen as a protective layer, flat screen should not be too far away from homework layer, should prevent falls flat screen and ask a small bar of the operation layer damage; When the job layer scaffold with gaps between buildings ( ≥15cm) To form litter fall, people risk, also should take protective measures to prevent the fall below the homework layer damage; Construction layer under every 10 m with closed flat screen or other measures. 5. Projects under construction in the elevator shaft, light Wells, spiral stairs, besides must be equipped with protective railings, should also be within the mouth of the well first fixed a safety net, and every two layers ( No more than 10 m) Set a AnQuanPing net. 6. In 1 length. More than 5 m of the mouth of the cave, hanging around the flat screen and in a protective railings. 7. Protective railing must be top-down in safety net.
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