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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Round buckle scaffold is a new kind of convenient scaffolding, compared with other scaffolding, has the following advantages: 1 it has reliable two-way self-locking ability: first, linking artifacts in the horizontal and vertical locking function main realization and the design of connecting rod structure, which greatly reduce the defects of traditional manual locking bracket, significantly reduce the unstable factors of staff; Second, the traditional way of transverse locking with traditional forms of horizontal connection between the apparent instability. Traditional bracket on the same knot, when rail locking, another bar and vertical rod lock will be destroyed. 2, good economy and integrity: there isn't a fragmented parts, only by vertical pole, two parts of rail, vertical rod, bar, are manufactured in the factory, the first is to prevent the traditional support moving parts easy to lose, easy to damage the construction unit to reduce economic loss; Second, do not have any mobile lock parts, using each node of the tension and pressure distribution is reasonable, the mechanical performance is reasonable, ensures its good stiffness and the overall stability, greatly prevent the mobile lock parts in support of the traditional danger hidden danger. 3. Wheel button scaffolding installation more convenient, shortcut: when use, just insert the plug at the ends of the horizontal pole stated vertical rod corresponding convex hole, then hard knocks. Traditional bracket cannot achieve the rapidity and the spinning quality. Speed is 8 times of fastener steel pipe scaffold, is bowl buckle more than 2 times of scaffold. 4, support: longitudinal axis and wheel button type multifunctional steel pipe support rail axis vertical cross high precision, reasonable mechanical properties. Therefore, large carrying capacity, the overall big rigidity, overall stability is strong, bearing 3 - allows single stud 4 tons. In addition, the use quantity of inclined rod is greatly less than traditional scaffolding. 5, the use of multifunctional: round buckle type multifunctional steel pipe scaffold with the shelves of tap, adjustable, double adjustable quickly dismantled, beam, litter and other components, can be used in conjunction with all kinds of steel pipe scaffold; Implements a variety of versatility. Main points of the wheel button scaffolding construction is: at the beginning of the construction should be special construction plan design support system, by the main packaging unit horizontal and vertical layout support system, to ensure that the late scissors support and whole set of connecting rod, to ensure the overall stability and resistance to capsizing. 2. Wheel button scaffolding installation base need consolidate level, concrete reinforcement measures. 3. Wheel button scaffolding should use standard height of the same beam slab floor elevation range, in the use of high across a large single rod support framework, cope with the rail and the vertical load and axial pressure ( Critical force) Check to ensure the stability and security of the frame body. 4. Frame body after installation, should add enough scissors, and on the framework of the distance between the bracket and rail mm add enough horizontal tie, to ensure the overall stability of the framework in a reliable way. 5. At present our country has not yet promulgated by the ministry of construction of the wheel button scaffolding industry standards and norms, but has been widely used in the construction site. Of course, we hope that relevant departments to formulate the corresponding specification, to make the correct use of wheel button scaffolding in engineering have reliable basis.
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