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by:Shizhan     2020-08-29
Longgang shenzhen scaffolding process contact phone number: 18420150310 external scaffold structures, including: steel pipe scaffold structures, installation, bamboo scaffolding structures, installation, and scaffolding installed building, villa scaffolding scaffolding, plant installed scaffolding scaffolding, scaffold structures in exterior, high tension line bamboo scaffolding structures, installation, protection, and so on many types of scaffolding. Scaffold material of two kinds, one is bamboo, is a kind of fastener type steel tube scaffold. 1, exterior wall installation project of Shanghai outer wall installation project need to have professional technology level, only skillful side can undertake installing exterior scaffold project in Shanghai. Practice operation, often will encounter some hidden technical details, this need long-term accumulated rich experience to find ahead of time, some engineering is often because of party a temporary change in the construction process, resulting in original installation Shanghai external scaffold construction scheme to follow changes in the middle of the construction and this needs a very solid technology and experience to face processing. Generally try to avoid this kind of situation. 2, exterior wall installation requirement for weather because is outdoor construction scaffolding walls, so install facade scaffolding, Shanghai also has the certain requirement of weather, such as rainy days this is explicit and easy of construction, in addition in the day after the heavy rain also not recommended for the construction, because of the rain on the scaffolding and not dry, especially the bamboo scaffolding, especially the external walls, need to stop every other day to install properly. Installation of Shanghai external facade scaffolding, scaffolding and removal in above class 6 and 6 wind weather, nor the work high above the recommended installation. Wind big pendulum force, workers stand, scaffolding also easy flying in the demolition. In order to ensure safety, construction should avoid this kind of weather. 3, exterior walls scaffolding installation must isolate safety zone. Due to the installation area is outside of Shanghai external scaffold, bustling Shanghai is also a man even in an alley, traffic. So this installation in Shanghai walls scaffolding must as far as possible with a warning before and call out the safety of construction area, with bold text, in order to prevent the construction of other workers accidentally broke into the construction area cause potential safety hazard. Our company has the advantage of all the steel tube and bamboo materials added scaffolding structures, material is all your own, the performance-to-price ratio is high, the customer is convenient. The service of our company is a customer as long as give us a call, the company will arrange the project manager to a construction site, running without customers, from building - from the scaffold - - Demolition - - - Material transport - - - A dragon service. Both convenient and affordable. We belong to the duplex package material engineering company. Longgang shenzhen scaffolding process
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